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, Aluminum sash window pet door Ideal Pet Products Pet of the Week Tonks and Lupin Outdoor safety Deidre and Tyler installed a black vinyl cat fence themselves in just one day It has a spring loaded mechanism at top and metal grating at the bottom, which completely keeps the cats in the area and

, Bugsy s hutch is outside on the family s covered back patio, and he has a rabbit proof heating pad for the colder months to keep him warm As you can see, when he wants to come in he looks through the glass doors Bugsy spends a lot of time indoors with the family, but he likes to chew on electric cords,

, Photos by Aurore Maxon Pet at a Glance Pet Eugene, a Lynx Point Siamese mix Age Location Allentown, Pennsylvania People Aurore and Casey Maxon Meet Eugene This kitten joined Aurore and Casey Maxon two years ago They adopted him from the PetConnect Rescue in Maryland As he grew

, Even when she had an office outside the home years ago, the poodles joined her on the job Stein rescued Khyber six years ago, and she s had the other two since they were puppies All three are trained in obedience and also are licensed therapy dogs Lifelong love Stein fell in love with poodles as a

, Their feline friends can now safely travel between the indoor and outdoor areas We want to see where the most pampered cats in the world live Share a photo in the Comments below by Luci.D Interiors Luci.D Interiors Henry the dachshund is one lucky dog in Adjungbilly, in rural New South Wales,

, Teach your dog to use an indoor potty patch or porch potty Getting up, getting dressed and leashed up, going outside in the dark It s inconvenient and maybe even Could it be that maybe my dogs didn t want to use our dog deck potty because they didn t have anything to go on ! I headed to the local

, Enclosed patio If you want your indoor cat to be able to catch some rays, enclose your patio or deck with outdoor fencing You can even add climbing posts and perches so your cat gets some extra exercise Fence window Privacy fences are great for, well, privacy, but they keep your dog from seeing

, Houzz Call Pet Projects in the Yard Give your dog a window in a solid fence providing a view can prevent barking (just make sure your next door neighbors don t mind) Houzz readers pitched in and shared their outdoor pet projects from doghouses to climbing poles Full story Outdoor Projects

, Exterior grade paint Wood stain (optional) Wood screws TOOLS USED Circular saw for cuts Drill Paint sprayer and or paint brush Measuring tape Orbital sander Paint brush and or rags for stain poly Level Square WHAT WE DID Any gate we made needed to have vertical slats to keep dogs from

, Custom cabinetry that honors the feline form is both fun and functional, and it keeps nasty cat litter odors at bay Eclectic k by Heather Garrett Design Heather Garrett Design Raleigh, North Carolina If your dog must wait outside for you when you re away, a stylish house of its own that offers shelter and

, This outdoor dog gate is made of aluminum which is lighter than steel and also weatherproof It is meant to be used outdoors but can also be used inside It comes in a brown color making it perfect for decks and patios since it blends in well with wood There are two optional width extensions available for an

, Jenna sets up a space just for the foster in her home office, and the couple install child gates to keep areas of the home closed off to the new pups Home tip Have lots of dog beds around the house, especially if you have multiple pets That way, everyone can have their own space to relax in while staying

, Pet s Place Hugo Coconut Mixing cats and plants Hugo and Coconut have never dug in the soil or eaten the plants Kubikova thinks they get along with plants because they ve always had them Instead, the cats peer over and around them to see what s happening outside Pet s Place Hugo Coconut.

, When we enclosed my yard with a cedar fence years ago, it seemed like a good idea to create a removable section so we could get a truck inside I started with a inch bore at a depth that would ensure my screw would bite hard into the backer without piercing to the outside Then I drilled a pilot hole,