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, If in a year it does bug me, maybe I ll clad the backside with some cedar boards to hide the supports To finish AFTER Now, we just need to redo the planter then build a gate then hardscape then build a side fence then irrigation then landscaping then lighting then mailbox then roofarrrgggghhhhhhh.

How often do you see a Cedar burl, much less one this BIG Probably once, more likely is NEVER Well, we have one that is SOLID and it s a doozy! The burl itself is x x For , it could be yours! We are selling this x x , Cedar Mantel for someone else He is asking obo, email us for the owners

, Adding a trellis to an entryway gate, for example, can set a clear boundary between the public street and private home but will still feel inviting, since one can see through the trellis to the garden beyond Used in the landscape, trellises attached to fences or arbors can act as dividers between garden rooms,

, To build this trellis, you really just need things a sheet of concrete reinforcing wire, zipties, two cedar posts, and a rubber mallet When you go to buy them, make sure to wear your dirtiest, most garden ready clothes, and cover the interior of your vehicle with a tarp the sheets are always rusty and in the

To show the cedar lumber we produce and what our customers with it We have can get other hard woods if you are looking for something other than cedar, just give us a call for availability and pricing We do not cut your personal logs, we only cut the logs we bring in or occasionally buy from loggers NOTE As of

, Jen stained the front door herself, hoping it will eventually match the cedar fence Bistro table Ikea Shabby chic Style Exterior by Brenda Olde Brenda Olde A front picket fence with a gate completely surrounds the property, giving the family s dog, Otis, more space to play and also to be entertained by the

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Here is a wonderful bar top made from Cottonwood Never would have guessed it had such a beautiful grain seeing it off the mill He used a light stain bring out all the character hiding within and sealed it with polyurethane Here is comfy looking outdoor loveseat Southwestern style cedar coffee table The top is bookend.

, It scared the pants right off of me (well, not really!), and it has continued to do so for every friend (and passerby) that walks up to our front gate After all, there was never a doubt that we wanted a fence, and because our right hand neighbor already had a cedar fence installed, it was an easy decision

, Houses in Chicago are typically very, very close to each other, and ours is no exception We re lucky enough to have a small (like, small) front yard, a sizable by city standards back yard, and this narrow race track along the south facing side of our home DIY garden gate The cedar fence on the right

, Whatever purpose fence estimate serves, it really is a sector in real estate property development which is actually a downstream or sub industry and which ought St construction area, there was much disturbed soil, and several piles of soil, with no silt socks or other containment measures.wood fence gate.

, Use it to showcase a walkway, create a transition from one place to another, cover a bench or gate, or frame a gorgeous view We attempted to use cedar fencing that we had on hand for the sides, but the board looked too thin compared to the by posts and by boards, so we swapped out the

, A cedar fence encloses the space The homeowners were motivated primarily by the desire to shield themselves from the wind and ocean spray Though they wanted privacy, they didn t want the entire front facade to be opaque, closed off to the world Estes designed a permeable fence The garden is

, We used × inch cedar boards, with posts spaced feet apart We wanted it feet tall, but our lot is sloped and I We had a shorter fence built around the pool equipment, and added a gate to create hidden storage and cut down on the noise of the pump For both gates, I went with very simple latches