hard surface ideas for preschool yard

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Leaf Murals Find some leaves around the yard that are different shapes and sizes Find a couple pieces of clean construction paper that are large enough to hold all of the leaves that you have found Lay them out on the paper in whatever way that you like Place the paper on a hard surface in a window so that your paper

Sep , Leaf Rubbings are a favorite craft idea for kids! Making leaf rubbings is the perfect science activity for little naturalists and is ideal for kids in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade In our experiment, we were able to collect an oak leaf, a leaf from a potato plant, and a few other leaves from our yard.

Dec , Science activities engage and intrigue kids in ways not possible by other topics Hands on This activity is similar to the above but gives additional ideas for exploring different surface tensions with cars and ramps You will be hard pressed to find a more engaging and easy friction experiment Kids have

Jun , And why does soapy water pose problems for kids with tubes Remember how Dr Kille explained that the surface tension of water on a surface makes it hard to get water through the tiny opening of the tube Well, soap acts as a lubricant (or surfactant, in physics terms) that reduces that surface tension.

Jan , Our science activities and lessons today are inspired by the children s picture book Groundhogs (Pebble Plus North American Animals) by Chadwick Gillenwater With Groundhog Day just two weeks away (February , ), it would be a great time to learn more about groundhogs and do some science

Aug , Having a bunch of open ended materials to play with is great for your fall backyard, but a picnic table is a must Not only will snacks need to be eaten between all their hard work, but it is a great surface for their ideas to come into play It is the perfect place to set up anything from coloring to snacks to even

Aug , If you stop and think, such a requirement would be hard to enforce There s lots of parks and beaches where sand is not covered and where it would not be feasible Also sand is used as a fall surface in playgrounds Is this all just a cover up (Pun intended I tell really poor jokes) You can t move a sand

These activities will give you some inspiration on your next rainy day with the kids What can you Sure, summer is the perfect time to shut off the screens and get outside, but what about on rainy days Several times Place one end of a card table (or some other flat, hard surface like a large lid) on a couch cushion or box.

Jul , It was the beginning of my kids absolute passion for play dough, and his sisters collected all kinds of green items (green was is his favourite colour) and When the dough has cooled a little, sprinkle the grass onto your work surface and roll the dough in the grass, kneading and squishing until all the grass

Jan , Printing is a fantastic process art activity for kids Tape bubble wrap onto a table (covered with plastic or paper to protect the surface) or tray, paint the bubble wrap, grab a piece of card stock, press Take out your paint, paint the dry, hard glue design, and press a piece of paper onto the painted design.

Jul , Creating a writing center in the preschool classroom is an important part of back to school planning Check out these tips, complete with pictures! Teachers, change out what you offer at this center so that they can experience different writing tools and surfaces You can add other materials, too, such as

Simple ways to remove permanent marker from everything in your home, even your kids! My daughter was d ing with Sharpies, but some of her d ings ended up outside the paper and on the tablecloth sunscreen will remove permanent marker from whiteboards, laminate floors and other various hard surfaces.

Mar , They barely resemble my elementary school playground (on an asphalt surface, mind you) My elementary Granted, this playground s initial designed aimed at our kindergarten to second grade students Even when I sit and watch, the lessons I see all the kids learning from their playground amaze me.

Jan , You d be surprised at what you can pick up at yard sales or thrift shops Or even for free It s the luck of the d , but I ve found some great arts and crafts supplies this way Ask For holidays and kids birthdays, try requesting art supplies from grandparents and others You can also get free mat board scraps

Nov , I have seen many bloggers post this simple activity to try with milk and we finally got the opportunity to try it out in our school First, you need to gather some milk, food coloring, cotton swabs, and dish washing liquid Then begin by pouring the milk into a wide, shallow container Next, carefully add drops of

Nov , Often when a tantrum is over we do some teaching and I talk about where and when my son CAN throw things (and what he CAN throw) like basketballs (outside) or soft squishy balls (into a basket) I like to focus on what he can do instead of just saying No or We don t throw things Sometimes kids are

Nov , They will continue to do this, alternating red and green circles, until they have filled the outside of the glass votive decorating a Christmas craft My daughter was very intent on making patterns of red and green on her votive simple Christmas craft for children She worked hard to fill as many of the blank

Kids creative play with this new sensory favorite at B Inspired Mama Save (Psst Before creating with Bunchems, make sure your child s hair is pulled back away from her face And for the best Bunchems experience, play on hard surfaces to avoid entanglement on any fibrous surfaces, such as carpets See Bunchems

Nov , That s why we re very excited about this innovative urban farm school being built in San Francisco, California that will educate preschoolers through th the entire footprint of Cotter Street will remain a permeable surface, as it is now, since there will be no pavement or hard surfaces, but open space

Jun , a hard surface you could use painters tape, or we just used shoes on our grass) towel (just in case kids start spraying themselves )) My son is and is currently obsessed with spray bottles We love to roam the yard with our spray bottle full of water and just spray things and paint the fence with water.

Mar , yard of sturdy woven fabric for the main part of the bag and handles Lay the tote folded in half on a surface with the seam on the left side of the tote and the opening to the top I m looking forward to teaching my year old to sew this summer and its really hard to find cute, up to date patterns I have

Oct , It has been written in good faith based upon material I can find out and my own experiences of working outside with children Should you Others are happy to have them used on hard surfaces Sherry and Donna who formerly blogged at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning created a tyre sand pit.

A simple and fun sensory play experience with animals and an earth day theme for your preschool, pre k, and kindergarten kids to enjoy This tray is a messy play activity, so make sure to either do it outside or on a hard surface that you can easily clean I also recommend having a bucket nearby with warm water for

Apr , clipboard to hold the paper in place (or adhere paper using masking painter s tape to hard surface) While you are outside collecting nature specimens for your art project here are some discussion questions you can be asking Describe other ideas for using crayons to record things you see in nature.

Mar , Kids can get really creative if you let them build a track for their toy cars around the house Just take a look at this fun idea for a speedway made fro Elementary Activities, Family Activities (all ages), Kids Activities (by Age), Kindergarten Activities, Preschool Activities build a track, Creative Play Ideas, DIY,

Jun , Painting never seems to get old for my kids, but sometimes it s nice to break out of our routine and try alternative painting techniques and materia Crafts for try making Sponge Prints with plain water or throwing water soaked sponges onto an outdoor painting surface, like a wall, sidewalk, fence, or deck.