architectural exterior faux wood panels

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Dark porcelain tile that looks like steel covers the fireplace and a foot wide strip of flooring The stairs are steel with a cable railing steel panels wrap the powder room under the stairs On the warm side, a light ash wood custom storage unit extends along the wall Warm bloodwood wraps from the floor

, Made from flakes of wood glued together into a flat planel, waferboard is both strong and cheap, but it s not pretty or at least, it s not often used in ways that cause us to consider its visual value But it s certainly not hiding behind paint and drywall in this application, as the exterior surface for kitchen cabinets

, Huettl Landscape Architecture Here s something you may or may not have come across wood look concrete How does it get that wood plank appearance It s all about the form, my friends When the form is created, a contractor can opt for rugged wood planks instead of super smooth panels As the

Mar , For a bit of old school glamour, patterned wood dividers add a sense of privacy in a master bedroom and bring decorative interest to a large room Contemporary Dining Room by MR.MITCHELL MR.MITCHELL Wood panels Recycled Australian hardwood is used here to divide the dining room from the

, If your home has architectural charm or is constructed of high quality materials, let the form and materials stand out by using color in a supporting role Here the medium taupe siding color picks up on the stone details on the home, and also doesn t fight with the wood panels Farmhouse Exterior by

, In week of our debate series, designers go head to head over how classic wood ceilings should be handled in modern times rancher, the feedback from friends (and many fellow designers) regarding the heavily shellacked ceiling boards and wall paneling was, You should paint it all white! Seeing it

, by Barron Designs offer an amazing selection of faux building products, including faux wood beams, mantel beams, corbels, and more for indoor and outdoor And Barron Design offers another product I love that adds farmhouse design you can buy faux panels at .

, This produced the classic Tudor look with the stick framing enhanced by its white stucco counterpart filling in the cavities between wood members Where do we even These ornamental panels are typically mounted to the exterior walls on either side of the windows permanently Our favorite version of the

Mar , Wood slats By leaving space between boards on a fence, you can have screening and privacy while still allowing some light to filter through Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture Opaque panels Use tempered glass panels for an opaque surface that allows light to pass through while

, Jagoda Architecture High gloss or lacquer Lacquered (aka high gloss) walls and ceilings have been a hot look in decorating for some time, and it s a trend that appears to have staying If you have wood paneling rather than sheet rock or plaster, you have the option to stain, rather than paint, the wood.

, My recent Farmhaus Dining Room Reveal made great use of wood paneling I choose to add the shiplap paneling in the Many of the examples above use low profile molding to create details on the wall that blend seamlessly with a home s more traditional architecture modern wood paneling shiplap.

, And remember, using trim profiles that are stylistically incompatible with each other and the architecture of the home is a design faux pas It would make for a strange interior Hull Historical Georgian Style Trim Say you don t want the stained wood look and the colonial style is just a bit too simple for you.

, We take a look at a dozen interiors that incorporate wood walls with perfection, nothing like the dark faux wood paneling many of us grew up with a smooth backdrop for floating bookshelves in Balcones House, the Austin residence of Elizabeth Alford and Michael Young of Pollen Architecture Design.

, What s eco style without wood All rooms of the office space feature this material walls and ceilings in the director s office and the meeting room are finished with decorative faux wood panels In other rooms the same wood color and grain is reproduced in tables, reception desks and ceiling paneling again.

, White plaster on the exterior walls helps reflect heat while solar panels on the roof provide environmentally friendly electrical power is built on an active slab of concrete with an embedded heating system while massive Fir interior beams and painted wood particle panels add visual and practical warmth.