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Dec , Contemporary Living Room by Rachel Reider Interiors Rachel Reider Interiors Stone or light gray A very light gray will go beautifully with warm wood tones and chalky walls Stone is a great backdrop for items with a flare of color (It also hides dirt really well.) True gray This pairs well with jewel tones,

Apr , See real life before and afters of home fronts transformed with paint, in wide ranging colors and styles BEFORE We have changed our house in two phases over the years we started with pink trim, painted it white and added black wood shutters that we made, then we changed out the lighting, says

Sep , San Francisco based interior designer, architectural color specialist, and design More Email CommentLikeBookmarkKPrint If you go with a warm gray siding color, you have lots of options for the coordinating trim and accent colors Just remember to use vibrant colors for details you want to

Jun , If you have ever found yourself staring at a wall marked up with dozens of sample colors, yet still no closer to finding the right shade, you have come to the right place Industrial Family Room by Ashley Campbell Interior Design This wall Key Largo Green Tips for matching colors from photos to real life.

Aug , Tip Keep wall colors neutral, either in a warm white palette or a darker version of neutral gray, as in this stylish London home Color accents are added through furnishings rather than on the walls themselves Scandinavian Living Room Scandinavian Living Room Wood paneling has shrugged off its

Nov , Option Use the interior green with a deep red door I see no problem with incorporating favorite interior colors onto the exterior of a home This homeowner wants to pair the sage green with a soft off white trim I d add a saturated red door it would really pop out from the siding, and it would work well

Sep , San Francisco based interior designer, architectural color specialist, and design More Here the medium taupe siding color picks up on the stone details on the home, and also doesn t fight with the wood panels Here are three sample paint palettes that feature a nice neutral taupe color for the siding.

Aug , Pepe Calderin Design Modern Interior Design Choose a warm wall color Lower levels are often short on natural light, so substitute the sun s effect with a warm, golden wall color Gold, melon, orange and pumpkin are great wall colors for basement bedrooms, says Weiner They exude warmth under

Feb , I m a home makeover TV show producer, interior designer and the creator of Decor More There are so many other options out there to make your retaining wall a bit more personal Take a When the form is created, a contractor can opt for rugged wood planks instead of super smooth panels As the

Sep , One of the most popular finishes for interior walls, eggshell paint has a subtle gleam, medium reflectivity and is fairly easy to clean It s a good all around paint Stained wood panel walls If you have wood paneling rather than sheet rock or plaster, you have the option to stain, rather than paint, the wood.

Aug , Though synthetic materials in home construction and decor have come a long way, most people when pressed would still take the natural option if it fit the budget Part of the aversion is likely due to the inability of artificial materials to reveal the organic processes of aging, weathering and other dynamic

Apr , Learn how to have vine draped walls without all the cracks and crumbling Clinging root and sticky pad types have the most potential to cause damage to a home s exterior Twining tendrils must Vines can trap moisture against the house, making them a poor choice for wood siding as well Stucco is a

Jul , In spite of the facts that the soap usually slid under the stall walls into the yard and there was always the danger of a sibling snatching my towel away as a practical joke, I could not be persuaded to use the indoor option Rinsing off the sand and seaweed underneath the open sky was exhilarating While an

Feb , Crisp white on doors, trim and walls is classically attractive, yet a different kind of appeal is certainly possible when color is extended inside The pale blue on this Here s a similar example that offers a peek at the two options The deepest shade of navy covers a door surrounded by white paneling here.

Nov , Design idea With no hearth and mantel, the firebox floats inside the stone, almost like artwork An entire fireplace wall clad in steel has a commanding presence Design idea Using exposed hardware to adhere the concrete panels to the fireplace adds a small detail that makes a big difference.

Nov , It s OK to be a gold digger this timeless color adds a rich glow to walls, furnishings and home decor that anyone would covet It looks great with so many colors, but plum and turquoise are favorites In Asian influenced design red, black and Contemporary Bathroom by Nora Schneider Interior Design.

Oct , Another option is to start a small indoor cactus garden, as many of these also love the bright afternoon sun a west facing window provides be shown off in a small dish garden, attached to a piece of wood that hangs on a wall or sits on a table, or used as the focal point in a terrarium hanging in a window.