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Jul , Patio floor The patio is a poured concrete slab with a lightly washed sand finish (lightly washed and swept with a broom to expose the sand) Corbett created a ? inch joint within the slab, Fire pit A precast concrete top attached to a rusted steel base Corbett honed the cap to soften the appearance and

Jun , Another construction technique involves positioning pre cast slabs or beams into an arranged framework This method involves less supportwork than traditional poured floors however, pre cast slabs or beams are generally too heavy for manual installation and this technique often requires the use of

Nov , As the floor material for an outdoor dining room, lounge or firepit seating area, cut stone and flagstone form a durable base for furniture and garden For this custom patio that Koehler designed and installed for a client, he used a combination of precast Maya slabs and Antika pavers, both from

Jun , EVERY single tower block which has so far been tested in line with new fire safety checks has failed the assessment, the Government has admitted as they urge landlords to submit cladding samples to be tested urgently.

May , Though it appears to to be sitting in the planter, the box actually rests on top of a concrete slab and features a hinged lid for easy access The box top doubles as a nice tabletop when it s closed A picturesque Pacific Sunset maple (Acer truncatum Pacific Sunset ) tree in the middle of the mostly sunny site

Such a building method consists in pre casting the structural components, such as large, rectangular wall panels, upon a smooth, coated, horizontal surface, for example a concrete floor, such wall panels being usually reinforced by a network of steel rods embedded in the concrete After the pre cast wall panels have cured

Dec , And the floor to ceiling height of the door plays nicely off the mighty sentinel standing just outside Modern by CITYDESKSTUDIO, Inc CITYDESKSTUDIO, Inc How did they do that Any footings could have damaged the tree s roots So this floating portion is made of simple precast concrete pavers that are

Jan , Strine Environments likes to use concrete slabs and precast concrete walls to bring thermal mass to the homes it designs and builds For those who don t has been plastered The wall of glass on the right is shaded in summer but in winter allows the warmth of the sun to hit the concrete wall and tiled floor.

Jun , In another view of the patterned paving treatment, the arrangement of larger cut stone slabs starts to make sense Here, by using an alternating placement of vertical and horizontal pieces, Murray ended up with two mostly solid bands that could accommodate the wheels of a parked car He did so without

Jul , Above the first floor, solid concrete panels cover a portion of the garage while another floating piece of brick hovers over the automobile entrance To the east, the Omni picks up again with a massive foot tall blank red precast brick wall that continues back to Second Here s the ground floor plan again so

Mar , A portable, precast, steel reinforced concrete slab of given dimensions for use in the floor of a building such as a storage facility The slab is anchored to the ground using winged pipes, which are designed so as to be easy to insert into the ground but difficult to remove A method of erecting a frame of a

May , If yes , please furnish further details want to build on rd floor. Read more Show less Reply The IT Tools years ago (edited) And let the storm get in ha ha ha This is perfect for a dog house but too bad for the dog when some serious storm came in and blew the house all over the neighborhood.

Sep , Such concrete are shot on to the surface and is commonly denoted as gunite or shotcrete as well as precast concrete slabs or pre fabricated concrete Possible other areas of use are concrete floors in buildings, either prefabricated or in situ concreted concrete paving stones which may be made thinner