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May , Except for material we may license to you, Apple does not claim ownership of the materials and or Content you submit or make available on the Service However, by submitting or posting such Content on areas of the Service that are accessible by the public or other users with whom you consent to share

Dec , Save your lineart as a transparent .png sequence to its own folder, in .png etc format So, I bring the sequence back into Blender as a background image (toward the bottom of the properties panel) Composite it all together while replacing the background color with transparency, and that s it!

May , A few months ago, Caldwell sued Chipotle for over billion, claiming that the company used her image in promotional material without her consent And not only that, One big example is Google, which has started to promote public domain content more aggressively in its organic search By listing public

Aug , A total of samples of male patients with CL were included in the study and clinical data of the patients was studied Materials and methods Once the adult patients accepted their participation in the study and after reading and signing written informed consent, a survey was conducted which

The implants are especially useful in treating diseases such as periodontal disease which require prolonged drug release Images Patent D ing For example, liquid or solid chlorhexidine can be added to the sustained release compositions when such compositions are in a liquid state (i.e prior to solidification by

Aug , The generated image contains information, incorporated into specific scoring systems, that can be used to predict patient outcomes and for better the Helsinki and Stockholm CT scores may provide cause for altering both weighting and variables in a future composite score, including the DAI variable.

Jan , Sample preparation, FISH procedure, image capturing, deconvolution, D model rendering, and data analysis may all potentially contribute to small undergoing routine semen assessment at IVF Florida Reproductive Associates in Margate, Fl, USA all provided written informed consent to participate in

Mar , Mother of pearl (more formally known as nacre) is an organic inorganic composite material with excellent mechanical properties that are hard to replicate in artificially produced composites For example, the strength of a material indicates how well it holds up to being stretched or compressed Stiffness

Jan , Woman Sues Chipotle for Billion for Using a Photo of Her Without Consent Jan In , Leah Caldwell was eating at a Chipotle when photographer Steve Adams took her photograph Tags billion, billion, billion, chipotle, consent, lawsuit, modelrelease, modelreleases, News, permission

Jan , Japan s Mt Fuji World Heritage Center, designed by Pritzker winner Shigeru Ban, is officially open to the public at a time when visibility of Japan s highest peak is at its best Located miles southwest of Mt Fuji in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, the sculptural building pays homage to Fuji with its inverted

Jul , Specific informed consent was obtained for showing images of patients (Supplementary Figure S) The identification of multiple variants co segregating with the disorder suggests the possible existence of composite phenotypes (Supplementary Table S), which might be a relatively common

Jul , A few days ago an established, successful small longboard brand downloaded one of my pictures from an event in Canada and posted it to their One person s photo was used in a print ad without permission, with a logo covering her watermark Your example is the exception that proves the rule.

Jun , aluminium composite cladding installed at Grenfell Tower, which was reported to have a combustable polyethylene core, was partly responsible for the fire spreading so quickly Today s buildings have a much higher content of readily available combustible material Examples are timber and polystyrene

Aug , To reduce image processing load, each camera has a high performance GPU to perform local processing, and the processed images, sound, and odor data For example, the transducer may be formed from one or more pieces of piezocomposite material, or any material that converts electrical energy to

Mar , In phase , both assays were tested on processed sputum samples and results were compared to phenotypic DST results Materials and methods Strains were tested by YD and Hain V and results were compared to a composite reference standard of phenotypic DST and available sequencing results.

Promote CAP aerospace education courses and instructional materials in local schools Composite Squadron Aerospace Education Officers Professional Development Officer Manages and directs the CAP professional development program They shall Know directives applicable to professional development programs.

Sep , () Gold composites are generated using a g t Au cutoff grade Composites may include intervals below cutoff grades subsequently shifted from core to auger drilling for geotechnical purposes, with the auger being used to test and sample unconsolidated material in proposed infrastructure areas.

Oct , must include details of the funding that supported the research, and a statement on how the underlying research materials such as data, samples or models can be accessed Don amp t It amp s off putting that the doctors made an unilateral decision and that the consent forms were not forward looking.

May , In a gallery exhibition titled New Portraits, which ran at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC from September through October , Prince displayed portraits featuring photos taken from his Instagram feeds other people s images, and without permission The large × inch works featured a screenshot

Nov , Further adjustment for socio economic factors (education, occupation, family composition and economic status) and a composite indicator of original image Fig Selection of residents included in the study from the whole sample surveyed by the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Italy, ).

Jan , Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration Mine being public record and such a high profile is important to win for photographers because of the example it could set In doing so, she herself gave default consent for anyone, whether on facebook or not to take and use those photos.

May , We generated Facebook engagement and social support composite scores (mean SD .) by combining the number of likes each participant The collected antismoking materials were either video based or text and image based materials that have shown population level success or promising

Building materials and its architectural format (topology) are concurrently studied for optimal thermal (energetic) and mechanical (structural) performances fibrous materials present a sustainable substitute to conventional construction materials including engineered wood and synthetic fiber reinforced plastic composites.

Jan , Materials scientist Afsaneh Rabiei has developed a substance that is very lightweight, but stronger than a block of steel And when placed under extreme pressure, it can absorb shock without shattering Rough traffic accident calculations show that by inserting two pieces of her composite metal foam

Aug , So you think you have a good reason or excuse to use a photo you found on the Internet without asking the photographer who took it Let s see if it can stand the They use your content in image search results for example and your image provides them with their own raison d etre In other words if your