decorative wood landscape borders

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This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook builds beautiful circular patio that features a chill chasing fire pit Secure the edging with inch galvanized spikes Layout the first Apply a thick bead of concrete adhesive to the top course of pavers, then set a decorative stone cap on top of each column How to

Camie, from the blog Home is Where They Love You, thinks her decorative and functional concrete curb looks like a pro job, and we agree Even better, she created it for less than In a nutshell, she and her husband Crisply defined the garden s border while also creating the curb s form using bender board and wood

Apr , Edible landscapes can be created in any size garden combining perennials and food crops (fruits and vegetables) for a healthy, vibrant garden Growing Veggies with Decorative Plants If there were gossip I started growing fruits and vegetables within my flower borders by necessity My little city

Jun , Meet a Front Yard Designed for Gathering To capture the view of the Pacific, McCrae built an ipe wood deck that sits inches off the ground A border combines yarrow (Achillea), shasta daisy (Leucanthemum), Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuissima), foxtail agave (Agave attenuata), a mix of fescues

Nov , Wood Floor to ceiling millwork in a coffered design surrounds this fireplace in true classic style, updated with a trendy hue of gray Design tip Placing a decorative layer of stone around the firebox opening as well as on the hearth breaks up all the vertical and horizontal lines of the wood moldings.

Included are easy DIY vegetable garden fence, garden border, ornamental and picket fence ideas The toxins make the wood a potential hazard to children and pets, making its use questionable in an edible garden Garden Border Fence Aside from being decorative, some garden enclosures are maintenance free.

Nov , The blue flowering agapanthus alongside the path and the orange wood stain accentuate the blue Traditional Landscape by Linden L.A.N.D Group Linden L.A.N.D Group Blue plants can accent a border, break up a color scheme or highlight a garden feature The deep blue of these clumps of Iris

You may not have a large plot to mark off, but your patios and flower beds are still deserving of a border, and one that doubles as a place to sit down will make your landscape all the more enjoyable But no need to dig up the yard looking for rocks like the Yankee farmers had to A wall built from cast concrete blocks made to

Oct , Very hard rocky ground poses a few problems, and softer aluminum edging can be damaged by edge trimmers Modern Landscape by Wells Design Landscapes Wells Design Landscapes Wood The sustainable choice that blends into natural surroundings Pros Wood can be cheap and easy to install,

Mar , Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC The shrub and perennial borders around the house d the eye in, Cunningham says They create soft edges and thresholds between the domestic part of the yard and the meadow These borders mix perennials with deciduous shrubs, and they create a

Jun , Recycling waste timber or using driftwood for creating unique yard decorations is great for small balcony designs and tiny backyard landscaping Ferns, mosses and lichens, seasonal flowers and decorative grasses turn old wood pieces into fantastic yard decorations that are wildlife friendly, stylish and

Apr , Take cues from a historical garden feature to create security and borders without compromising a view The beautiful stone wall here would make a superb ha ha It s practical in construction, fits into the landscape and is a great feature in its own right Early examples of the ha ha in th century England

Looking for something small and affordable at the salvage yard Decorative iron tub supports can be found at most such shopsand are far easier to recycle than the heavy vessels that once perched upon them A matching pair like these ornate tiger claws costs about Put them to work as bookends on your desk or

Jul , If your home has unkempt landscaping, peeling paint or missing shingles, then you may need to make some repairs to add curb appeal The good news is that that are broken or dislodged If your border is old or tired looking, try upgrading to stone or a decorative edging system for improved curb appeal.

May , As an alternative to the colonial flagstone, another option was to use large Delaware river rock for the landscape edging, perhaps inch mini boulders like these Carefully Selecting Your Decorative Stones In essence, you have to determine the position of the outer edge of your landscape border.

You ve probably read that a well designed garden starts with an overall plan And that having one can save you a lot of grief Susan Martin agreesthough she transformed her own acre of scrubby trees and lawn into a colorful garden without ever putting pencil to paper Instead of following a paint by numbers planting

Paths and Pergolas cottage garden with pergola of wood poles that supports climbing roses, wisteria over pea View as slideshow Photo by Marion Brenner Even small landscapes can seem larger when broken into parts, says Moseley, adding variety and purpose to an everyday stroll Cottage gardens are meant to be

May , It is manufactured in a range of styles, with decorative post caps to match, and there s now a greater variety of colors and finishes to choose from Wood Wood fences have been a mainstay of the American landscape since the Colonial period They can be crafted in a wide variety of styles, and painted or

Apr , Northern California yards in a spring garden tour show that landscape design is all about the experience The patio features a decorative pattern and brick edging for interest and to relate to the front porch Black chose this farthest corner of the yard for the dining area because it receives good shade