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May , I noticed as I traveled in areas prone to Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons that the slab (Flat) roof was preferred This is about what sort of roofs I have on my house in Bataan, a cement slab roof, waterproofed with rubber barriers and Sahara mixed cement (waterproofed) plus rubber based Boysen Roof

Jun , The airport, after all, is the visitor s first glimpse of the Philippines Cobonpue Layug Pineda will handle the design concept, and Locsin, the architecture Given that An air conditioned bridgeway will connect the terminal to multilevel parking structure There will be three floors of parking, with a roof deck.

Sep , The story Alliance Global Tower, situated in the Uptown Bonifacio township, houses Megaworld and all of its subsidiaries employees MANILA, Philippines Andrew Tan led Megaworld Corporation, a firm that made its name developing estates or townships and office spaces for other

Jan , The usual tactical mindset when ventilating asphalt shingles or built up roofs doesn t fit tile roofs in part because of the extra weight supported by lightweight trusses under fire conditions Felt paper is applied over the roof deck, which, in most cases, is oriented strand board (OSB) Roof tiles can be

Jun , The exposed top of a large unidentified sea pen in the genus Pteroeides The main part of the body is buried in the sand Photo credit Gary Williams, California Academy of Sciences During a marine and land survey of the Philippines spanning just days, researchers from the California Academy of

Mar , Making ourselves comfortable, we sp led ourselves across the roof deck of our boat The only sounds, those of the waves as the sun beat down on us Looking ahead we noticed a gorgeous sandbar rising from the depths In total awe of its beauty we watched our boat drew closer As our crew dropped

Sep , BAGUIO CITY, Philippines The century old Dominican Hill and Retreat House, Baguio s remaining structure depicting th century architecture, now has love locks in an attempt to increase the number of tourists visiting It was also the first to have a rain harvesting facility through its concrete roof deck.

Oct , wood clad roof that folds above the ground until being received by an uplifted portion of grass that transitions back into the ground an extended hard surface that gives the owners an immense deck from which to view the sea with an efficient design geared towards natural ventilation and plasters made

May , Urban Cowboy is a bed and breakfast that transports guests to the rustic relaxation of Tennessee Visitors also have the option to stay at The Tree House, the newest addition to the Urban Cowboy spread, where they can enjoy an open air living room and a private roof deck To do s in the area Take a

Nov , Last week we wrote about the super massive typhoon Haiyan that slammed into the Philippines Many feared the worst, and it seems like that s what we got It will take a while to be sure of the extent of the damage, and it ll take even longer to rebuild, but so far things look quite bad President Benigno