house designs on sloping ground

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Feb , A garage and workshop are set into the ground floor of the property, with a small concrete patio shaded by the overhang of the floor slab from the level above House on a Slope by Gian Salis Stepping stones lead up the hillside at the side of the building to a gravelled entrance for the first floor bedrooms,

Jan , The architects developed a light, wood construction for the whole house using regional and ecological material from a local company Due to the used material the building is flexible it can be quickly and easily built and be adapted to the sloping ground Several small, simple structures are interconnected,

Oct , Let your site s slope inspire your home s design, rather than fight it The goal is to sit the house within the landscape, as part of it, as opposed to dominating it The sketch here shows a balance in minimizing earth excavation, allowing natural water flow around the building, maintaining great southern

Nov , The old house actually left hardly any space for further utilization as the terrain around the house was a highly sloping ground The superb ultra modern house design features a flat roof and a minimalist black exterior, framing wide floor to ceiling windows opened to the beautiful surroundings with pine

Jan , Considering the potential for rain in the region, and the home s site on a sloped suburban hillside, elevating the house on stilts made sense to reduce Contemporary Exterior by Ecolibrium Designs Ecolibrium Designs To enhance sustainable design On Australia s Sunshine Coast, this house has

Aug , Due to the inclination and the narrow nature of the premises, the clear layering of the building follows the contour lines and makes use of the sloping ground The entrance of the building is located on the first floor, guided by laterally entering light a staircase leads to the ground floor Here, the living area

The design of this house, located on a hill outside Barcelona, was inspired by the topography of the land The steep slope of the site determined architect Pepe Gascon to embed the main body of the building into the ground rather than elevate it This decision resulted in a cubic shape with a sloping roof parallel to the slope

Jan , Contemporary Landscape by Mariposa Gardening Design Cooperative, Inc Mariposa Interspersed with mossy ground cover, the steps develop a weathered look over time On a very steep lot, a deck extending from the house can provide a lovely spot from which to view the rest of your property.

Apr , The Dell was designed by local practice Elliott Architects in response to the uneven terrain of the site, which is located near the market town of Hexham in northern England The pair of gabled blocks that form the square metre plan are arranged in crucifix formation, with a portion of the ground floor

Apr , Images by Andrin Winteler b├╝robuerau This single family house is on a steep southern slope that leads to the centre of the village As for the interior, the program is split vertically the public area is on the first floor and the private area on the ground floor The use of natural and rough materials, such as

Oct , The inversion moves the typical ground floor of the house up on the roof, and makes the simple act of arriving home and driving onto the roof of the house Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down slope from the street, the design of the house places the carport on the roof with the residence below.

May , His back yard has a bit of a slope, and it would take too much concrete to pour a slab (read how to pour a concrete shed foundation here) Starting at our highest point and using an level, we marked the bottom of our support beam just a few inches off the ground and then scribed this line across all of

Dec , Sloping House is a makeshift shelter that clings to the side of an extinct volcano in the Puy de Serveix, in France s Massif Central this sculptural one person refuge, seems to erupt from the grassy slope, as if the structure s wooden planks are being flung out of the earth only to reform into the neat lines of

Dec , By taking advantage of the steep slope around the site, the house blends with the topography and is partially embedded into the ground, while minimizing the excavation of the earth The roof is tilted to follow the slope of the hill while disappearing into the ground It is built with careful consideration of

Aug , Completed in in Neustift, Italy Images by Lukas Schaller A working with the existing lynchets, with natural stone walls in novacella in the north of brixen which emboss the cultivated landscape of the

May , A series of pillars raise the interconnected rooms of this house by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture above the tree tops of the surrounding forest The firm s San Jose office was asked to design the family home for a steeply sloping site, and chose to lift the building off the ground to optimise views of the

Sep , The site terrain gentle slopes down from the adjacent public road from the higher ground The brief from the Client was to design a simple, unassuming and modern looking house The profile and section of this house hugs the terrain with minimum interference of the existing slope Despite its steel and

Mar , Patkau Architects designs chalet with steep angled roof beside a Whistler ski slope The architects named the project Hadaway House after the clients Concrete slabs enclosing the ground floor of the house provide insulation from the extremes of the Canadian climate, while the upper levels are

Jun , There are a series of moves or design decisions architects make with their clients along the way that, while individually subtle, build on one another to create Instead of a skirt around the deck, the architects left the structure exposed, showing how the house floats lightly above the gently sloping section.

Mar , In a house composed of split levels it was important to establish cross relations between the spaces and natural lighting conditions throughout House PIBO by Oyo Architects in Maldegem, Belgium The building s sloping roof is intended as a continuation of the soil around it, and is planted with several

Jul , Above the ground floor garage and a basement that is submerged beneath a sloping section of the garden, the living areas are differentiated by the amount of light, privacy and views afforded by their position in the staggered plan March District House by Kit A glazed entrance sits beside the garage and

Jan , Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down slope from the street, the design of the house places the carport on the roof with the residence This inversion moves the typical ground floor of the house up on the roof and makes the simple act of arriving home and driving onto the roof of the house a

Dec , At the heart of the house is the living room (called Sangbang in Jeju dialect) that links to all areas of the house with front and back windows for enjoying the scenery By embodying the uneven grounds to the design, the house resulted into two sections the Sangbang in the upper level connects to a room,

Apr , In my case I had terrible clay soil on a sloped yard so any good soil I had would just wash away Who knew you could solve life Before You Build Here s some things to consider before choosing a design for a raised bed How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden This Old House These basic raised