hardwood timber decking suppliers

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jan , What do the lumber grades FAS and Common really mean to you when buying the hardwoods for your next project If you understand how grading works and it s limitations, then you can help your lumber supplier to provide the best quality product to suit your project Whatever that project may be.

May , You wouldn t want to add wood putty, because it wouldn t retain the look of the knots But, you want a smooth surface The solution is to fill the wood knots and voids with epoxy The results will be beautiful and you ll be hard pressed to find the patch afterwards Materials (contains affiliate links) How to Fill

Hurford Roasted Ash decking uses a heat treating process to thermally modify the cell structure of timber, resulting in a product that is extremely stable and durable without the use of chemicals This decking only experiences roughly half the movement of other kiln dried timber decking products, while the high stability of

Iron Ash uses an unbeatable combination of GoodWood Victorian ash and an invisible, water based H treatment to allow continuous timber flow about sourcing innovative solutions for commercial and residential projects, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) is an established leader amongst timber suppliers.

Jul , The deck and steps are made of full width hardwood timber decking, and three areas of custom designed benches and sun loungers are planned on the project management themselves and worked with local suppliers and contractors, making this a thoroughly Peckham endeavour from start to finish.