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Jan , Modern single story country house located in Vilnius, Lithuania, designed by Inblum There are open space verandas on different sides of the house whose brightness seemingly extend the interior Owing to sheltered spaces and big Outdoor decking uses fir boards and plywood panels Against the

Dec , These spaces have been assigned a variety of names throughout the world loggia, veranda, lanai, portico Japanese architecture has its own version, called an engawa The engawa is a generous hallway, a roofed transition zone, located between the interior rooms in a Japanese home and the garden,

Sep , Tilton Fenwick kitchen detail in House Beautiful But the kitchen is really all about the Moroccan tile backsplash from Mosaic House, above Walking the line between traditional and contemporary while adding an artisanal touch, it established the color scheme for the floor and beautifully complements the

Jul , To solve the parking problems in the Veranda strip close to the Feyenoord stadium in Rotterdam, Paul de Ruiter was commissioned, by the City of The car park was to accommodate cars, as well as providing space for shops and places to eat and drink in the section of the building at street level.

Aug , Rising eight storeys high, the , square metre Veranda Offices building will include a mix of office spaces, as well as a restaurant, a cafe and an as mark a division between internal office spaces, allowing for flexible internal plans so that floors can either be rented in their entirety or as smaller units.

May , and it instantly adds a more attractive, finished look to your house Our house is built on pillars, so we have this big space between the porch and the ground This is what the bottom of the porch looked like after I added some plants the other day Before I plant more, I wanted to add lattice under the porch.

Jun , On the top floor, the cafeteria has outdoor conditions, a contained space on the sides but open to the sky The distribution hall has They work as a veranda (a space traditionally used in the east as protection transition between interior and exterior) replacing the traditional curtain wall This idea is also a

Oct , This single storey house in the Australian countryside encloses a courtyard at its centre and is flanked on its outer edges by a long wooden verandah Though zoned, the house is more about controlling the connection between spaces rather than separating them, Kennon added In an aim to

Jan , Located on the roof of a storey building of a duplex apartment, this space was conceptualized as a Veranda (Hindi meaning A transitional space between public and private area or, between a house and a street) The gravel floor is used in parts across the terrace to heighten this tangibility.

Jul , Two concrete boxes compose the building one formed by the floor slab and walls, and the other one formed by the roof slab and beams Steel columns allow a horizontal gap between the two boxes, bringing a beam of light to the interior as well as views from the swimming pool The access ramps and

NOTE Although this may be permissible by local building codes in some areas of the country we do not recommend placing posts directly into concrete as this significantly increases post To position the ledger board, consider both the distance from the interior floor and the thickness of your porch flooring material.

Sep , There is no boundary between the inside and the outside Plants are every where in the garden, in the semi open space on the ground floor, first floor, on the roof, on the walls The overall Working space is not a sole desk, it could be at the terrace, next to the water feature, or at the veranda It is an

Jun , The balcony is naturally an extension of the indoor living space outdoors and its presence is dense in apartment buildings, as this console simply breaks the volume of the apartment, of the box, allowing the inhabitant to experience the exterior on its own floor space In small apartments and countries that

Yeah, you would think you would save a lot of money on your energy bill by insulating that space above your garage, but it really doesn t save you money If you have sufficient insulation, which in most parts of the country that means to inches, then you re heating and cooling system is going to work a lot less.

Jan , Beyond the initial brief D proposed The Balcony Room, a soaring reception space annexed to the Hall that capitalises on a commanding view across the future Alumni Green The Balcony Room exploits a previously unused terrace, enclosing it to provide a link between the main building foyer and

Nov , Like a stone heaved from the frozen earth, the house rises from the field This natural slate also covers the floors of the entrance, veranda and terrace This continuity of materials and surfaces blurs the boundary between the residence and its environment perceptually extending the interior spaces outwards.

We think however, the porch roof really helps to define the space However, they are not permissible in all areas of the country so be sure to check with your local building codes department two story In addition, some local building codes may require a minimum distance between the nd story windows and the roof.

Oct , Farmhouse Patio Healdsburg ranch Garden Elements Indoor outdoor living The most defining characteristic of California wine country style is the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces To get the look and encourage an indoor outdoor lifestyle, design doors to be kept open or put a table outside

Nov , In the living room, one of the couple s favorite secondhand items is this rocking chair, which is an inside joke between the couple People teased Paul that he was becoming a hillbilly by moving to the country, so Lee bought him the chair for the veranda, and someone else bought him a pipe Before moving

Nov , Best displayed under soaring ceilings, mezzanines are versatile, functional spaces that help better lit up and ventilate a home and extend visual reach, creating inviting social spaces This intermediate floor can help add a certain vibe to the space, illuminating it or defining a new purpose for a different

Sep , The next gen inch Signature TV, for example has a suggested price of , The legacy inch display sold for about , Between the two new product lines, Levy stresses, This is not a good better best scenario It s application specific For covered spaces, spec the Veranda For exposed areas

Down the valley were clumps of tea tree scrub here and there Opposite was the strikingly picturesque hill which Gregory had named Rainworth and which some seven or eight hundred feet above the level of the adjacent country Behind our camp was another isolate hill called Mt Cassilis, the distance between the two hills

Jan , Front space is the open courtyard, where holds the outdoor activities The main living space lies in the middle part, consisting of two floors Upstairs is a kindergarten combining with library, meeting areas The function interlock flexibly Wide veranda with lawns act as a green cushion with high visibility.

Apr , Big base kitchen cabinets are coupled with open racks, which both gives enough room for storage and doesn t overload the tight space veranda cozy country house porch kitchen wooden Ceiling beams of the veranda are coated with sky blue paint bringing a note of the Mediterranean exotics In the