excellent strength hyperbolic shape panel for external use

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Sep , With the screenwriters using the template of Shakespeare s play The Tempest, several of the main characters in FP were based on the Bard s own creations Dr Morbius is Prospero, a powerful sorcerer (which he became after gathering a great deal of knowledge as a scholar) banished to a remote island

May , Multiple devices associated with multiple displays can be used to determine user intent from speech input as well as to convey information to users In some examples, virtual assistant server can communicate with external services , such as telephony services, calendar services, information

The general surface of a hyperbolic paraboloidal roof is such that, ordinarily, such roof does not lend itself to the use of standard uniform cross section panels is provided in which a shaping or temporary supporting scaffold is erected over which the roof is made and shaped into a substantially hyperbolic paraboloidal roof

Various attempts have been made at producing a lightweight hyperbolic paraboloid roof structure using materials having a higher strength to weight ratio than at the edges, in such prior attempts, has failed to provide a pleasing appearance which fits in with the general appearance of the hyperbolic paraboloid shape.

Sep , A E are digital images showing that molecular imaging (three sample panel on the left) can be reproduced by chemical imaging (three sample panel on the right) In addition to H amp E stained images (A), the method of stainless staining can also be used in place of molecularly specific stains, including (B)

May , The wireless network of claim , wherein time of arrival data is used to determine sensor location The wireless network Each geophone generally has a case that may be buried or coupled to an earth spike for being driven into the earth by applying an inserting force to the top of the geophone case.

Feb , authenticating, using the speech input, whether the speech input is spoken by an authorized user of the device, wherein the authenticating includes comparing the speech input to a previously US, Feb , , Oct , , Sperry Marine Inc Touchscreen control panel with sliding touch control.

Jul , means for varying said angle, said angle being ° at take off and landing, and less than ° when said aircraft is in the transonic and supersonic modes swept wing are much smaller than on a more or less straight wing due to a smaller change in lift force resulting from change in the angle of attack.

Aug , One method of using an ion trap for mass spectrometry is to generate ions externally with ESI or MALDI, using ion optics for sample injection into the trapping volume The quadrupole ion trap typically consist of a ring electrode and two hyperbolic endcap electrodes The motion of the ions trapped by the

Oct , If the diffusion strength (angular FWHM intensity of the diffusion profile) of the volumetric light scattering lightguide is significantly reduced to try and prevent the lights used for outdoor lighting, lights used for security lighting, lights used for exterior residential lighting (wall mounts, post column mounts),

I chose, however, for the present invention to designate my roof structure as substantially a hyperbolic para boloid type of shell It is a known fact that double curved concrete shells with edges stiffened by arches or ribs have great strength due to their ability to carry any continuous load principally by direct stresses, that is,

In the use of sandwich panel sections for such applications, a problem is encountered in making joints between the edges of joined panels, which are neat, the invention also is applicable to the joining of curved sandwich panel sections having various shapes or curvatures, such as parabolic, hyperbolic, spherical, etc.

Nov , Attempting to use insecure techniques for providing rights management is at best ineffective, and can be worse than no rights management at all Unscrupulous people can strip out insecure control information altogether so that the corresponding information signal is subject to no controls at allfor

Oct , For milling a pasty or dough like mass, such as a suspension of premixed ingredients, it is known to use roll mills having cambered rolls that have a smooth The operator visually observed the degree of coverage on each roll, compared his observation with the machine settings from a control panel and

Feb , The inherent strength of the building system makes it a candidate for use in a variety of structural applications, as described below A structure that Exterior wall block sets enable a variety of parapet heights and shapes, and can accommodate undulations in the design of exterior wall surfaces Exterior

Jul , A Network Autonomous Wireless Location System (NAWLS) is designed to allow for precise location of a mobile device (e.g a cell phone) without interconnection to, and with minimal disruption of, the local wireless communications network Using distributed radio network monitors (RNM) and a managed

Nov , As we have discovered many times, big media companies often take a laissez faire approach to the use of their trademarks by other companies, especially So she might have realised it probably wasn t a great idea to try and trademark Killing Wonder Women even in the plural when the very media she

Jul , While interpersonal negotiation is often used to set a transfer price, this price is often different from a transfer price that might result from a best efforts attempt at establishing a The external system, as well as the remote devices, is connected to the central system by any one or a combination of networks.

Oct , Command and control modes operating in conjunction with the eyepiece may be initiated by sensing inputs through input devices, user action, external device interaction, reception of events and or data feeds, internal application execution, external application execution, and the like In embodiments, there

Mar , The wind turbine foundations can then be built to the standards of the Modular Prefabricated Foundation System which uses precast concrete rib The combination of high strength, high stiffness prefabricated ribs, solid pedestal construction and continuous slab construction across the pedestal, and

Apr , The sensors will plug into these connectors and at the other end similar T Connectors will be used to transmit the information to monitoring equipment or personal status monitor Since shapes and sizes of humans will be different, sensors can be positioned on the right locations for all patients and without

In my copending application I described and claimed the use of a transversely flexible decking strip made of uniform cross sections whereby hand fitting methods An object of this invenion is to provide a new hyperbolic paraboloid roof structure of this character that adds an extra dimension of strength thereto, whereby no

Jan , These methods are achieved with rapid thermal cycling and use of double stranded DNA dyes or specific hybridization probes Thus, it would be a great advance in the art to provide methods for monitoring hybridization during PCR and analyzing the reaction while it is taking place, that is, during or

Feb , FIG illustrates a display control panel window for formatting the results of the search and information collection results stored locally FIG FIG a illustrates the preferred embodiment of agent chaining and external application launch capability FIG.

Jan , In various embodiments, the assistant can also take into account external events and respond accordingly, for example, to initiate action, initiate communication In disambiguation step , language interpreter component(s) weigh the evidential strength of candidate semantic parse results .

Jan , Fluorescence spectroscopy is used to analyze small numbers of molecules that are present in a relatively small detection volume or zone Information Diffusion effects change the shape of the photon count histogram, allowing global fitting of the histograms for all time bin widths This fitting extracts

May , A hyperbolic paraboloid roof shell section made in prefabricated portions each of which has a joining edge parallel to the joining edge of another prefabricated portion The joining edges of the adjacent portions have fastener means adjacent to the joining edges which provide tensile and shear strength.