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, The water balloons should come with a little plastic nozzle you can place over the end of your hose Use it to slowly fill up the balloons The glow sticks may poke and protrude inside the balloons, but they should not cause them to pop Continue to fill up those balloons and pretty soon you will have a bucket

, Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes warmer weather Weather that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors! And with this warmer weather on the horizon I feel the itch to prepare for outside entertainment The hunt for entertainment isn t always in the form of patio makeovers and new grills.

, Teacher door hanger signs or letter blocks personalized with their name and custom made for their schools or themes of their classroom! Of course you can find good books cheap on amazon and from book orders but you can also find good books in decent shape at yard sales or the DI if you re lucky.

Mar , A building plate was glued to the lid to stand the Lego pieces on {wink} Made from a simple kids table, lego base plates and gorilla glue! This post contains how to decorate for and make and play Lego games and activities include Lego banner, Lego Party Signs, Lego Printable Masks, Lego Circle

, I love the idea of my kiddos having fun memories of summer gardening.and I love the fact that they were able to take something so simple a plastic plate and make it into something so beautiful! We plan to keep these in the garden all summer, and maybe even make some more And I just know my

You can also buy large sheets of dry erase plastic, that you could cut down to fit the desks, or apply to the walls Or simply wrap the desks in contact paper too The added bonus of contact paper is that it s pretty good about being removable (I would test it out on the wall first, to make sure it doesn t affect the paint!) Good luck

It s also tear resistant and can easily adhere to many surfaces including metal, plastic, and glass Weatherproof Polyester Laser (LP) Our white weatherproof polyester laser label material is ideal for tough applications This material does not easily tear and can adhere to most surfaces Made from a bright white facesheet,

, Like the website suggested, I used an empty soda bottle for the tube, but used PVC caps for the ends They were much cheaper than the ABS fittings in the example I spray painted them silver and I think they turned out PERFECT!! I hot glued one end of the soda bottle to one cap, filled it with the ooze, then

Mar , I m working on a massive framing display project and thinking about getting a Cricut Explore Air to cut shapes in both cork and mat board (probably ply) I know you reviewed the cork other reviewers say it works on mat board, but I was wondering what you think of this idea, as someone with experience

, What I love about Young Living The thing about buying cheap essential oils is They re usually labeled fragrance grade only and You don t have the If there is one thing I regret, it s waiting as long as I did to jump on board It s worth the investment as it s motivated us to truly make healthier choices,