how do you refinish hardwood floors

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Oct , The number of times your hardwood floor can be sanded depends on several things Flooring manufacturers recommendations, the type of sanding equipment used, flatness of the floor, remaining wear layer and the skill of your floor sanding professional sanding your floor Always measure the remaining

Jul , how to sand hardwood floors I really don t know anything about the previous renter owner Perhaps their situation wasn t so easy, but they definitely were not clean and did some damage hardwood floors before So, floors are now sanded! sanding hardwood floor There s a method to my out of order

Jun , This last week, I started the process of packing up my current home and cleaning and painting my future home Both are very similar in a lot of ways They are both brick apartment buildings built a century ago, they re both spacious two bedrooms, and they re both full of beautiful original hardwood floors and

Jan , The entire appearance of a home can be changed with refinishing Whether the choice is to hire a professional or to DIY, make sure to do proper research and get recommendations from trusted friends and neighbors Get insight and tips for refinishing hardwood floors here.

Oct , By Glenn Griffin, guest contributor One of the most commonly asked questions people have when restoring their hardwood floors is Should I stain my floor That question is closely followed by What color stain should I choose hardwoods Photo by Delaware Valley Hardwoods Staining your floors is

Oct , The very long week of sanding has finally wrapped up Oh my goodness, the dust Even with dustless sanders the house has been filled with a hazy dustcloud But the positive side is that the freshly sanded floors are revealed! The time has come for choosing hardwood floor stains! Freshly sanded White

Sep , Plus, this is a permanent wood floor if it gets scratched or stained, we won t be pulling it we will simply be refinishing it That s what cheap insurance looks like After the first row, all of the x tongue and grove boards are nailed on the tongue side at a degree angle image from Mother Earth News.

Aug , After ripping out the most horrific, stained pink carpeting you ve ever seen, pulling up staples, using heat guns to scrape off ancient paint finish, then sanding the floor multiple times, we were left with a floor that had quite a few black stains throughout it Some were from staples that had rusted into little black

Oct , The majority of hardwood floors can be refurbished by sanding a fine layer off of the surface and coating the exposed wood with a polyurethane finish If you decide to take the plunge, there are some important things to keep in mind as you embark on your journey to refinish your hardwood flooring.

Jul , So since we can t keep sanding away layers of hardwood since they are literally the floor These hardwood planks are nailed directly to the floor joists not on plywood or another subfloor which limits how many times you can sand away And the other option painting them well I am not keen on

Oct , What Exactly are Hand Scraped or Distressed Floors This hardwood flooring is intentionally scraped to provide a warm, natural look to a room Before today s modern sanding methods, floors were hand scraped on site to make the floors flat Today s hand scraping is done to add texture, richness and

This Old House presents a complete guide to finding the best wood floor for your home How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Thinner ones can t be sanded as much,but when topped with durable factory applied coatings, they shouldn t require frequent refinishing Length Longer strips mean fewer distracting end joints.