how to plant out a decking

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May , You can have the awesome guys at the home improvement store cut it to four lengths for you, or bust out the miter saw (my second favorite) and do Pressure treated × (I used mine at the height it was ) Pressure treated × cut to four lengths Drill and bit for pilot holes Decking screws (I

Jun , It depends on what kind of landscaping and gardening is involved Typicallyand this is the case regardless of whether you live in a co op, condo or rentalthere are guidelines in terms of the types of landscaping you can have, explains Gitter This includes everything from the size of plants, the size of

Jun , It may seem counterintuitive (don t most people want to add a deck !), but ous is just not pulling its weight anymore So you can find out why we think tearing it down is the way to go and what the heck we want to put in its place on this week s episode We also talk with Manhattan Nest s Daniel Kanter

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Sep , This photo was taken in , so the plant stand has been here on the deck for at least seven years I hadn t realized how rusty it had become It wasn t expensive, but I have really enjoyed using it on the porch, so didn t want to toss it out just yet DIY Paint, Plant Stand The rust was pretty bad though,

Jun , The builders prepared for the north deck from the start, planting the posts at the same time they planted posts for the rest of the building This made it easy to make I d stand up a handful of boards, then climb the stairs, go out onto a piece of plywood, and pull the boards up, one at a time What a workout!

In the spring when the weather warms, everyone with a green thumb starts getting the itch to plant things and spend time outdoors in the dirt When it comes to gardening, landlords and tenants often encounter tension on what exactly is allowed on the rental property While tenants may want to put in a garden and reap the

Jul , A few years ago we had the idea of attaching a few nicer home improvement store trellises (we found ours at Lowes) to the deck and they turned out to be a really attractive and cost effective addition We have Wisteria and evergreen vines in pots to offer more privacy year round Plants seem to thrive on the

Sep , Raised bed gardens provide you with a way to create structure in your garden and maximize your garden planting space This video will show you how to quickly So, gardening is still on, but now have to pick through your video library about how to build my own beds It s kind of exciting as hubby and son

May , Her new book Gardening for Geeks compiles her years of expertise digging in the dirt in her Mar Vista backyard and in her community garden plot at Ocean I usually use cedar for clients, but my own beds are built out of decking because it s one of the only composite lumbers that is safe for direct soil

Jun , I started balcony farming when I noticed that the shadow of the roof line fell across our back deck railing on summer afternoons, so I could grow salads there all summer long, even in sunny California This gives you a way to garden in the middle of winteror at least, plan and scheme about gardening.

Seeds to Plant in May for Fabulous, Easy to Grow Flowers All Summer Long Although Mother s Day is a day to celebrate moms whether yours, yourself, or moms in general, for many gardening enthusiasts across the country,

Aug , Make your Deck a Green Space If you re interested in adding green space to your home, it s important to know your options both inside AND outside the home Your deck can be a great place to increase your greenery outside the home, improve your gardening skills and maybe even bring some

Apr , These three materials offer different advantages to suit varying gardening needs of species, such as Western Red Cedar, Atlantic White Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar and Juniper, cedar is the wood of choice for patio decking, fencing, outdoor furniture and many styles of garden raised beds.

Jul , He kindly recommends the best container flowers for sunny or shady decks, plus some advice on how not to kill them! ~Susan When you look outside at Decked Out Decking Whether made of lumber or Sun vs Shade which plants should you choose for container gardening Chris Long has been a

Apr , Glean Ideas From Roof Decks Many Houzzers are attracted to romantic urban roof decks These spaces usually have to be carefully thought out due to limited space, weight restrictions and the desire for privacy On this deck, cleverly designed built in planters provide privacy and a place for plants to thrive,