install ceiling tiles in basement

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Measure and mark where your beams will meet the walls, and use painter s tape to simulate them, to see how the pattern fits the room Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists Mark both ends of each joist where it meets the sidewalls Put a inch drill bit in your drill driver and make test holes near the wallsthey ll be

Mar , If it s a first floor wall and you have a basement or c l space, go down and take a look Usually the floor joists will be perpendicular to any load bearing walls Sometimes there will be posts under them, too If you have access to the top of the wall from the attic, that s another way to tell if the ceiling joists

Oct , Installed outlets and now currently struggling with some ceiling lighting Purchased those LED kits but don t like the glow or how in your face the light is My ceilings are low, some plumbing will be exposed, steam heat pipes and want an end product I am not sure is realistic Drop ceiling will make it feel so

Sep , Full bath (with shower tub) or Half Bath (toilet and sink only) Tiled shower wall or pre fab shower enclosure Flooring tile, vinyl, engineered wood, concrete When I say rough in I m talking about the pipe that get s installed before they pour the concrete floor The basement ceilings are high.

Mar , Personally, I like wood studs because I can easily install shelves, pictures, and other heavy items without needing any specialty fasteners If you re not sure here s They really pimped out their master bathroom with all tile and a floor to ceiling glass shower, but the basement bathroom was kept fairly basic.

May , You can reduce deflection by adding extra layers of underlayment like plywood or installing additional supports under the floor Many professional tilers (like Rick) He also caulked all the corners of the shower (between walls, walls and ceiling, around shower pan) Pro Tip Grout all the tile at the same

Mar , The next technique (on the right) that we used was a wet tile saw and it worked SO well It was easy to control the cuts and worked especially well for the long cuts along the ceiling Part is all about grouting and finishing it off! How to install brick veneer inside your home LoveYourGuts dont miss any

Feb , You don t want to just have a bunch of boring ceiling lights Plan for some light to be at eye level Pre plan a plug in the ceiling so you can have lighting behind some crown molding For my basement I installed a light in the art niche and plug in light above the Foosball table I also pre installed a switched

Mar , Before laying tile or installing a tile underlayment like Schluter DITRA, it s important to check the subfloor to ensure a flat, even surface At its worst, a In fact, this basement floor has radiant heating element embedded in self leveler, and you can see how to pour self leveling mortar at that link However

Apr , It s important to know that this radiant flooring installation is a part of a larger basement remodel, and the electrician has already installed a single gang box with power If that s not the case for you, you ll need to install a remodel box and supply power from an existing circuit or possibly a new one.

Feb , I didn t want to put a new (to us) bed in a periwinkle room It was time for a The problem was that our ceiling had a layer of half inch drywall with another layer of bugly (butt ugly) half inch ceiling tile Also, the joists How to install a DIY rustic wood ceiling by Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees featured on.