2 storey house design with roof deck

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Jan , The client is a family of a couple and two children, and they wanted a traditional wooden house from the start The structure of the building is a traditional two storey wooden house with deck roof whose rooftop is surrounded by two meter parapet to satisfy the regulation of minimum height of the district.

Aug , This is a sq ft tiny house with a roof deck in Walnut Creek, CA, it is featured on Viva Collectiv and you are welcome to come check it out inside! living stories We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re share and inspire others towards a simple life too Thank you!

Jun , DoD East Atwater Crossing Owned by interior designer David Mast, who also tricked out the , square foot, two bedroom residence, the three story structure comes complete with a roof deck that gives panoramic views of the San Gabriel Mountains DoD East Atwater Crossing Each of the

Casa Santo Antonio, located in Santo Antonio do Pinhal, Brazil was designed by H F Arquitetos to take advantage of the sloped site by layering the house in opposite the courtyard, this wall is mostly concrete with the exception of small windows and a row of clerestory windows that continue the illusion of a floating roof.

Apr , The subject might seem overly particular, but properly designing a deck over living space demonstrates architectural sophistication and consideration to the The water proof membrane should sit below the walking surface This allows the water to pass through the walking surface (usually wood decking

Jan , Sloped roofs are a style of modern house roofs that look great and maximize natural light Here are examples to inspire your The sloped roof on this modern glass farmhouse mimics the look of half of the barn behind it Amit Apel Design Inc designed this family home in Los Angeles, California.

Pictured Copper half round gutters and round downspouts nicely complement traditional house designs Note how each section Olson months ago Notice how the outside edge of the gutter is above the projected plane of the roof deck (banner pic, image , image ) Shouldn t it be below, as shown in image

Apr , Grey painted steps contrast against the white stairwell Jorge Marsino Prado, peru, rooftop patio, rooftop deck, spiral staircase, floor As seen in some of the photos, the adjacent houses share a similar structure, with open rooftop patios atop their single story dwellings This creates a fun element not unlike

Feb , you are here if it s hip, it s here ? architecture ? Modern South Korean Home Design is Based on Feng Shui Principles The area between two houses is used as a deck with a covered roof This resembles the traditional The two story structure is finished with zinc panel for the roof Parking garages and

Sep , We got creative and decided to build a twenty four foot tiny house with a , budget we finished the build with about an , dollar price tag This couch We hope you were inspired by Wesley s story! If you Exactly my design configuration (except more windows,a french door, and a roof deck.

The renovation included closing in the existing deck, making it part of the internal floor plan, and then building a new deck that would maximize the exposure to the northern light while at the same time provide shade from the western sun The deck features a triangular, clear finished wood design, while the interior addition

Apr , House With Amazing Contemporary Roof Deck Overlooking The Mediterranean House With Amazing Contemporary Roof Deck Overlooking The Mediterranean House With Amazing Contemporary Roof Deck Overlooking The Mediterranean House With Amazing Contemporary Roof Deck

Jul , This two storey residence is the latest in a series of holiday villas MIA Design Studio designed for the Naman Retreat in Vietnam This faceted house in India by Malik Architecture features an elevated steel tunnel, bridged corridors and a rooftop swimming pool on stilts, which shelters an external terrace.

Oct , Come on in to take a tour of this unique hilltop tiny home with its own private rooftop terraces with amazing views Upstairs Sleeping Loft Bedroom with Rooftop Terrace Access shelter house shelter house What would you add or take away from this design to make it better for you I would add

May , The unique design of this modern bungalow was created to allow ample natural light and take advantage of the sun path as it changes over the course of The addition is separate from the main house and consists of a dining area on the ground level, a second story master bedroom and a roof deck on the

Jun , The bedrooms in both schemes are much the same, but the home office in the NJ version connects directly to the side entry by a short stair In the two story version there is a door to roof deck above the entry, and a spiral stair down to the main deck Plans for the two story version of this house design are

Nov , Wren House is a sustainable house, a residential project designed and completed by Chris Pardo Design Elemental Architecture in Missoula, Montana It was built with The structure features two levels and a roof terrace that allows the family to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding hills The street