interlocking polycarbonate panel wall

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Apr , An elongated building element to form a series of walls to The elements each have longitudinally extending flanges that snap engage with longitudinally extending grooves in the next adjacent element Accordingly the wall is constructed by joining the elements in a

Jul , A meter socket assembly as defined in claim , wherein the meter socket bracket includes means for providing a positive interlock with an operating handle portion of each of the jaw type contact assemblies the cavities including upstanding walls for holding said contact assemblies in proper alignment.

Jul , The universal skirt board of claim further comprising a second hinge structure having an interlocking tongue and groove, wherein the second The universal skirt board of claim wherein the lower edge comprises a U shape portion that is sized and configured to engage an edge of a sheet of material.

Mar , A skylight system for standing seam metal roofs, shingle roofs and sun roofs in which sheet plastic skylights having upstanding edges are provided The present invention includes a plastic skylight formed form acrylic sheet, CAB plastic sheet, polycarbonate sheet or the like having a conventional skylight

Jun , The test device of claim wherein the porous solid substrate is a nitrocellulose sheet The test device of claim Further reaction by additional antibodies will lead to formation of bridges between adjacent cells and eventually an interlocked mass of erythrocytes joined to each other Such a reaction is

Jul , The following is an essay that originally appeared in Australian Design Review as Beyond the Wall, the Floor In it, Michael Holt and Marissa Looby describe the evolution of Herzog and de Meuron s work Using numerous examples of recent projects (such as VitraHaus and Leonard Street), they point

Sep , A mikveh according to claim , wherein said plate is curved, forming a curved wall, thereby minimizing the number of plates and the number of connections , John Arout, Method for making portable, strong, light weight and easily assembled containing structures using interlocking panel members.

Mar , The fenestration sealed frame insulating glazing panel of the invention may be utilized as a door or a window panel in an exterior building wall Where the panel is mounted to be moveable, suitable operating devices are attached to the plastic frame for connection to an operating mechanism in the window

Mar , Grooves are provided along the length of the component for mating with interlocking flanges of a box connector While the use of plastic to form wall panels or the like for use in building construction has been proposed, such panels have not had the necessary load bearing or other structural requirements

Feb , The valve may include an inlet opening wall having a first inlet opening adapted to fluidly connect to a vacuum floor nozzle and a second inlet opening In addition, while the use of the interlocking opening and protrusion arrangement shown in the Figures is preferred, the bearing cap may

Feb , The bottom track typically has an L shaped cross section and has its vertical portion mounted horizontally to the wall beneath the opening This L track has horizontal The panels can be made of impact resistant material such an steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, and LEXAN In one embodiment of the

Feb , The structure as claimed in claim , wherein the enclosure () is modular and consists of curved panels of a regular geometric shape The picture window could consist of polycarbonate single glazing between and mm thick, allowing for the possibility of protection beneath the `wall blind` as

Feb , Reclosable bags having slider operated zippers are generally more desirable to consumers than bags that have sliderless interlocking zippers since it is From a structural standpoint, the bag comprises opposing walls (only the front panel a is visible in Fig ) that may be secured together at opposite

May , A suspended containment wall system including a support rail with a hook track positioned thereon and a hanging panel The hanging panel further includes (i) an The wall system according to claim , wherein the panel body comprises a polycarbonate sheet The wall system according to claim

Sep , The storage trays usually include guide walls to maintain the fibers with a minimum bend radius In the aforementioned , , help keep the trays neatly stacked Transition tray and splice trays are preferably molded from an injection moldable thermoplastic polymer such as polycarbonate.

EXTECH INC manufactures glass and polycarbonate skylights, industrial windows, commercial awnings and canopies, translucent walls, porcelain panels and mortarless glass block wall systems Our LIGHTWALL interlocking polycarbonate wall system was recently used for the Eleanor Boathouse in Chicago

Sep , Enamel, granite, marble, floor tiles, glass, porcelanized stoneware, oven and related cooking appliances in a kitchen, oven interior panels, food trays, and flooring and wall tile components, whether during the manufacture of such articles or as such compositions can be subsequently applied thereto.

Nov , The chrome wall mounted faucet, chrome sconces and chrome hardware on the vanity itself are as pulled together as a Chanel suit Transitional Kitchen by Glenvale Kitchens Glenvale Kitchens The chrome faucets, nickel cabinet handles, stainless steel sinks and red enamel Aga range combine to make

Mar , The template includes a substantially flat sheet having first and second sides, a periphery and at least one opening extending from the first side to the second The wall and the upper surface of the base combine to provide an annular handle which is configured to be easily grasped by the user

Jun , A having been compressed for insertion through an annular wall As opposed to solid side members, overlapping mesh panels may be used, as shown in FIG US , Oct , , Oct , , Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc Expandable implant with interlocking walls and method for use thereof.

Apr , The side panels and roof panels may be opaque, tinted, clear, or a combination thereof In one embodiment of the present invention, the side panels are constructed from inch polycarbonate while roof panels are constructed from two wall polycarbonate, i.e ? inch In a preferred embodiment,

Aug , said base structure is a computer housing, and the door structure is a movable panel on the computer housing The enclosure structure of claim wherein, the snap acting gripping assembly includes a pair of spaced apart resilient gripping fingers mounted in spaced relation to an opposed wall to define

Jan , The cost of attempting to produce the hollow interlocking structural components of the present invention using polycarbonate material as a substrate and Column is a typical column for interlocking with adjoining interlocked panel pairs intermediate the length of the wall while column is a corner

Sep , A plastic bag comprises opposing body panels fixedly connected to each other along a pair of sides and a bottom bridging the pair of sides a slider slidably mounted to said zipper for movement between a closed position and an open position, said rib and groove profiles being interlocked while said

Jun , a transparent cover defining an apex and a wall depending down from the apex to terminate at an open periphery and a skylight tube depending downwardly The skylight of claim , wherein the cover is made of acrylic or polycarbonate or glass and is transparent The skylight of claim , wherein the

Dec , Mechanisms can include, for example, adsorption to the cell wall which causes tearing plasmolysis where the silver species penetrates the plasma form of a sheet or web, and then binding them either mechanically (as in the case of felt, by interlocking them with serrated needles such that the inter fiber