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Jan , Panels with gaps, cheap plastic components, a decade old Mercedes shifter, and none of the high end amenities of luxury cars The doors are, quite frankly, crap The leather is medium grade at best The seats are terrible (disclosure I have not sat in the brand new Model S seats, though they are still one

May , A duct board or duct liner comprises an insulating layer formed from fibrous material bound with a resin binder, an outer facing layer adhered to an outer surface of the insulating layer, and a water repellant mat facing adhered to an interior surface of the insulating layer opposite the outer surface to form a

Feb , a plurality of elongated protective panels having an arcuate shape corresponding to said central portion, said protective panels having a length corresponding to a length of said shutter slats, each protective panel having an interior surface that faces the exterior side of said shatter slat, a pair of offset tabs

Oct , Wall panel systems for interior construction in buildings are well known However, conventional interior wall panel systems are generally comprised of a plurality of interconnected hollow core partition panels, which in many cases do not provide adequate acoustical resistance, and which provide less fire

Sep , Polygon Studio by Jefferey S Architect and WORKUS Studio LLC The interior result is a series of very distinct yet interconnected spaces, architect Jeffery Poss said Polygon Studio by Jefferey S Architect and WORKUS Studio LLC Vertical panels of locally milled red cedar line the interior walls to create

The rib extends above the valley strip and has an interior width which is greater than the width of the lengthwise slot The rib provides a channel adapted to receive and retain a hanger device At one or more locations in the decking unit, portions of the confronting edges of the valley and of the side walls of the rib are

Shingles Metal Aluminum Shingles Clay Tiles Slate Tiles PVC Rubber EDPM Wood Shingles A shed roof consists of a single, sloping panel that is sometimes attached to a taller, adjacent wall Shed roofs A ridged, multi gable roof is one that consists of two separate gable roofs with a valley in between each section.

Dec , Swiftlets roosts on vertical cliffs or walls of caves high above, making harvesting of nests an extremely risky profession and configuration such that a series of slots or nesting cavities separated by panels manufactured from wood, poly ethylene, polystyrene, poly propylene, PVC, concrete, cement,

Nov , Presently, there is great waste in conventional roof construction to accomplish the desired architectural look of multiple hips, ridges and valleys When all walls are constructed crane simply sets all floor panels into interior area and roof panels onto crown block ledge, all in same day by use of invention

Dec , A fire resistant industrial water cooling tower is disclosed having normally closed passive vent structure which vents the interior of the tower In preferred embodiments, the vent includes a panel member having a series of openings therein which are either covered or blocked by a

His parents later bought a ranch house in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley, and Steve inherited this little craftsman gem just about three years ago He has Wearing only my underwear, I jumped out the front door and sprung into action with a plastic butter knife I like that, the same way I like fake wood panel wall covering.

Winfield pendant light, by Hudson Valley Lighting Batt insulation made of recycled plastic bottles and virgin polyester means no itchy glass fibers and no need for a mask Or just glue the jigsaw panel pieces to an interior accent wall, stand back, and admire what looks to everyone else like dry laid natural stones.

Mar , a wall panel having an elongated, horizontally oriented channel, said channel having an curved interior space accessible from a top of the channel, wherein said channel also has a bottom, and wherein at least a portion of said interior space is curved between said top and said bottom of said channel .

Aug , An underground reinforced plastic enclosure comprising a vertically and circumferentially stiffened body The body is made of a fiberglass Seated on the base is the body with the interior surface of the body abutting against or contiguous with the outer wall of the ridge Since the exemplary

Mar , the room divider panel wall includes a plurality of interconnected room divider base wall panels formed in individual panel modules of uniform height and width, the base wall panels forming a base wall that extends upwardly to approximately the height of a desk, the base wall panels having interior

Feb , PHOENIX, Ariz School transportation officials here were able to learn more about and view Lion Bus new electric bus, as well as find out more about related funding programs On Jan , Lion Bus and Adomani representatives hosted an event to share information about the eLion Type C electric bus

Apr , The Zuccardi Valle de Uco winery, located in the Paraje Altamira in the Uco Valley, opened last week the culmination of seven years of research The winery was built using materials sourced from the estate and the nearby Tunuyan River, with the walls designed to reflect the curvature of the mountains.

Feb , What if you could cool buildings without using electricity charlesj brings word of the development of a plastic film by two professors at the University of Colorado in Boulder that provides a Part of your air conditioner s load is removing heat that has been conducted inwards through roof and walls.

Jan , A modular construction panel system according to claim wherein said tongue has a U shaped cross section and provides a hollow interior therein A building system according to claim , wherein at least some of said panels are wall panels wherein the side edges provide opposed vertical side edges

May , Launched in as a plastic injection molder with six employees, Cascade Engineering has blossomed into a diversified manufacturer with business units and a product line that includes waste containers, auto parts, and furniture componentsand, more recently, wind turbines, solar panels, and

Jackson E Douglass BY Attorneys United States Patent C) ,, WALL PANEL ASSEMBLY Jackson E Douglass, San Lorenzo, Calif, assignor, by The two closure portions , are preferably of a plastic whereby they will be substantially self lubricating surfaces in order to permit the ends of the grip member to

Dec , The modular panel construction defined in claim in which a plurality of layers of inch spaced re bar mesh mats formed of inch diameter steel bars are located within the cast steel fiber reinforced concrete and in which a vault wall panel resists formation of a square inch attack available opening

Apr , Ald Panel construction Providing a centrally located Field Search .l for receiving the end of the rake handle and a Accordingly, it is a further object of the present invention to provide a leaf rake having a molded plastic head which is constructed so as to function for an

Aug , LA architecture firm Studio Pali Fekete has used double sided sticky tape to affix the cladding panels to this home for an executive of adhesives company for use on aircraft to stick the anodised aluminium panels to the facades, overlapping them with staggered joints to mimic the coursing of a brick wall.