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Jul , Either way, once the shower has been wiped down, finish the job with a quick misting of daily cleaner such as Method Daily, Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner, Mrs Meyer s Clean Day Tub and Tile or your own concoction (see below) The best part about daily maintenance You won t need to deep clean the

Nov , Houzz UK contributor Freelance interiors journalist The tiles were manufactured to her design and shipped to the UK The whole process was The white shutters match those fitted to the windows around the rest of the house to give a uniform appearance from the outside These ones were specially

How do you choose whether it s best to build a patio or a deck There are various things rest of your garden If you d like to learn exactly how to create a stunning patio or deck, then check out the online garden design courses we do here at Successful Garden Design Sugarland outdoor patios says October , at

Mar , See how to stash your outdoor cushions, rugs, tools and toys on a table, in a bench and even underground Houzz UK Contributor I have been an interiors journalist Dig a cellar It may be out of reach for most of us, but a wine cellar submerged below the patio is deliciously James Bond all the same.

Jun , Contemporary Patio by Christopher Yates Landscape Architecture Christopher Yates Landscape Architecture Room Outside was designed to be a complete DIY handbook not only for horticultural students, but also for those who wished to design and build a garden in a modern style Brookes outlined

Sep , You need a warm, sheltered, sunny spot with well drained soil, so it s an ideal style for a patio, a tiny town garden, a courtyard or a seating area outside your summerhouse The big outlay is on hard landscaping the Mediterranean look relies on a lot of paving, terracotta floor tiles and gravel instead of lawns

Aug , Surface stays cool to the touch, making it ideal for pool decks and patios in warm climates Most common colors are affordable Porous texture naturally slip resistant Can be dry laid instead of Travertine pavers for outdoor use are a standard ? inch thickness, but they also come in a inch thickness.

Aug , A slightly thinner paver can work outdoors only if it is installed like a tile and mortared directly to a concrete pad A deep gray range of colors is most common, but slate also comes in green, purple and tan Welsh slate, the most well known slate, has been quarried in the U.K for centuries and is plum purple.

Jun , It is a great patio tree that is guaranteed to start a conversation This locust can be pruned to encourage contorted growth and to control shape and size The foliage is quite attractive, with bright green panicles of small round foliage hanging from the branches The foliage turns yellow in autumn I grow mine

I recently installed square metres of cm porcelain paving from PrimaPorcelain on our two balconies using the fixed support disc method We are really impressed with the end result they look great Our other option was to go for pressed concrete decorative paving which would have been much cheaper but there is no

Aug , It s become a favorite shade to use inside, but now black is migrating out to gardens, patios and balconies with dramatic results Houzz UK Contributor I have been an interiors Choosing black garden furniture or planters will create a unified feel outside, which is particularly helpful in a small space.

May , In London, a Crowded Patch of Grass Becomes a Patio for Entertaining Houzz UK Contributor I have been an interiors journalist since To make the most of the available outdoor space and provide a good connection with the property s two lower floors, Marinaz designed a split level garden Sandstone

Oct , Contemporary Patio by Nicholas Design Collaborative Nicholas Design Collaborative Brick is used for an accent wall in this outdoor room Though here the brick is part of the building s structure, it has not been covered with climbing plants or disguised in any way The beauty of the material is celebrated,

days ago Should we ditch the ubiquitous rows of rectangles for a rival, or is subway tile a classic that s here to stay Houzz UK Editorial Staff Subway tile has been a staple on kitchen and bathroom walls for the past decade and still seems to be going strong, but does the emergence of some beautiful tile trends

Jul , Let these outdoor seating ideas tempt you to spend more time enjoying your yard, patio or balcony Houzz UK contributor and award winning landscape and garden designer Claudia de You can also build a seat or bench this way as a design feature when creating a raised wall around a patio area.

May , Houzz UK and Ireland Editor I m thrilled to be part Contemporary Patio by OUTHOUSE design OUTHOUSE Built in red brick to match the house, and tiled with slate, this practical storage area blends with the property s exterior and actually enhances the space with its character and interest The look is