modular basement flooring

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May , New Music Gear Monday Softube Modular Eurorack Emulation Plugin Softube Modular Those tiny Eurorack synth modules have been growing in popularity, going from a simple × foot booth down in the no mans land basement at NAMM to a huge pavilion on the main floor While everyone loves

Nov , with , square feet of modular built living space on two floors They hired John Glover of Tidewater Custom Modular Homes in Smithfield to oversee the construction site The first level is a custom built, above ground basement with garage space and full bath designed by local architect Mike Henry.

A complete concrete structure, especially houses, having any desired architectural form and appearance is constructed in a series operations wherein the foundation, the interior and exterior walls, and the floor are constructed at the situs from a single basic, monolithic pre cast modular concrete beam Each beam is an

In accordance with another aspect of the invention, a habitable building basement that meets or exceeds applicable construction standards in most or all localities is provided The habitable building basement includes a concrete basement floor and a basement wall extending upwardly from the basement floor, wherein the

Basement flooring presents additional challenges, one of which is the possibility of moisture being present and another which is to insulate the floor from what could be a very cold underlying This patent describes a composite modular floor tile for use in athletic playing surfaces such as basketball courts and tennis courts.

Nov , Modern Exterior by Hive Modular, LLC Hive Modular, LLC Adding on to a prefab home is often simpler than modifying a stick build If you want to start out smaller but have the option of building on another wing, floor or room down the road, prefabricated homes can be a good choice, because they are

May , Compare the Five Best Materials for Modular Deck Tiles By Julia Nass Deck tiles are an incredibly efficient and budget savvy way to give your space the design you ve been dreaming of With the world of deck tiles available to you, renovation and creation becomes simple, time saving and worry free.

Dec , You wouldn t think from looking at the flooring from TING London that the modular tiles are made from vintage leather belts until you notice the characteristic belt holes The amazing flooring looks so luxurious with the added bonus that no two tiles are alike The tiles work out to per square foot.

Dec , Built by Alvaro Moragrega arquitecto in Guadalajara, Mexico with date Images by Jaime Navarro At the heart of the Colonia Americana a story project is designed inspired by the industrial buildings of the inter

Oct , When creating a home gym in your basement, the flooring you choose should not be taken lightly Home gyms present plenty If you like the modular benefits of interlocking foam tiles, but want the durability of rubber, interlocking rubber tiles may be the direction you ll want to go These tiles provide you a

Aug , Basement Flooring Greatmats Max TIle Raised Floor vinyl workout room When installing flooring in a basement, it s important to have non absorbent material Even the Beach rooms are often exposed to water, either from rain or from ocean sprays, so having non absorbent modular floor tiles is essential.

Mar , On basement floor, replacing what was previously a simple cellar, one can find the common spaces for employees a yoga room, a big meeting room, and a This multi purpose structure includes a meeting room, a bar corner and a modular front side that can be adapted to host the different products born

Feb , A modular drilling rig substructure as set forth in claim wherein said floor of said driller side substructure has an extending shelf, said floor of said off driller side substructure has an extending shelf, and said center substructure section has a pair of opposed, protruding supports so that said supports of

Dec , The fishbone parquet floor mixed with concrete is a fun element connecting the different zones on the first floor The basement floor is dedicated to group meetings and conference rooms where we kept the original brick walls, remaining light and warm thanks to the addition of fun and colorful items.

Aug , PVC and polypropylene industrial flooring tiles typically come in x to x foot squares that snap or interlock together The modular tile design is a great aid for do it yourselfers in both the installation and designing process Industrial floor mats add traction, safety and cushion for standing employees to

Mar , In fact, this basement floor has radiant heating element embedded in self leveler, and you can see how to pour self leveling mortar at that link We have a modular home and where it joins together is is very uneven and the flooring we put down already is not doing so good on the uneven floor so we are

Nov , In the course of constructing the modular units to a semi finished state, each of the modular units is provided with at least a floor and a ceiling, and at least and the nodes also facilitating selective interconnection with other units, the apparatus being adapted for use as at least a portion of the basement of

Jul , Our basement floor is concrete and is sloppy Considering the slope I eliminated the luxury vinyl option, but saw this video and thought this would be perfect since they are flexible But I saw in some comment that said these planks too need floor to be leveled Please suggest what would be the side effect if

Mar , Overall, the present invention discloses a new and novel drain cover that is suited for floor drains and drains at the base of basement walk out stairwells The device is placed over an existing drain grate to block debris from entering therein, wherein its structure includes a first and second elongated member

Apr , For the fifteenth thousandth time, I dropped a small part on the floor and it bounced away never to be seen again Who hasn t this happened to I m finally committed to doing something about this problem, like putting down some type of anti bounce flooring Unfortunately, if you search for no bounce

Mar , Instead, the goal is to eliminate peaks and valleys (called evening or flattening, or commonly leveling, although the latter term isn t right) This is achieved by spreading a thin layer of mortar over the floor to fill in the valleys In the pictures below you ll see this project is taking place in a basement.