small houses with observation deck

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Nov , A few years ago, however, Dabney Tompkins and Alan Colley were living the mainstream American Dream in Dallas, Texas a big house, nice car and Though it may seem small, there s also accessory areas like an outdoor deck with panoramic views of Umpqua National Forest, and a garden where they

Jun , Completed in in Shima, Japan Images by Kei Sugino When I first visited this site, I thought the key issues for this project were how to intertwine, dissolve, cut and take in elements of this natural

Aug , A flat sloping roof acts as an observation deck with sweeping degree views of the surrounding beach and ocean El Ray at Dungeness Beach by Simon Conder Associates Photograph by Chris Gascoigne The walls, roof and floor are insulated using recycled newspaper, meaning very little energy is

Aug , The BEEcosystem is a hexagonal cedar observation hive that is small enough to be manageable in even nontraditional beekeeping spaces while also being large enough to produce cut comb honey, and includes a red light filtering cover so that the bees natural cycles aren t interrupted when viewing

Nov , We attached a margin space to the facade of the house, which is in contact with the area, such as large observation deck and the edge, and bay windows, said Ineyama Tab House by Takanori Ineyama Architects Sliding doors can be pulled back to connect the house s main living space with the patio

Sep , There will still be very little movement on this slab because we followed the same procedures as the grade beams themselves Around the perimeter of the house, we have steel columns that run in parallel with the glass windows walls (take a look here) Did you know that it takes people to raise and

Nov , Small rooms can be adorned with mezzanines that solve space issues this platform can serve as a second bedroom, a home office, a library or it can be the perfect solution for a double heigh social Within this bright social space, the bedroom mezzanine sits snugged under the long steep roof plane.

The wraparound porch of this Queen Anne puts history front and center in the latest TOH TV house project piece on the house It s a lot of work for a small area, but in the end, it s one more thing that makes this porch look like it s always been there, says Tom gabled porch roof of the Belmont Victorian porch View as

Nov , That s what has happened in London, where occupants of one of the most expensive (and I think beautiful) buildings in town, the Neo Bankside towers designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour, found themselves looking into the observation deck of the Tate Modern s new wing I could give more background but it

Mar , Despite my narrow fields of bravery, even the top of Galata Tower, a medieval stone structure in Istanbul, shook me a little, and I imagined that for those Originally constructed in , it was once the tallest building in Istanbul at nine stories tall (the observation deck on which Rand and I stood is roughly

Feb , That s exactly what happened to ON Architecture s client near Gimhae, South Korea In order to preserve scenic views of the nearby city, while fulfilling the client s desire to have a small home, the architects devised Tower House, a unique modern structure with an unexpected vertical element in the form of

Sep , Ten years later, the reverberations from that shock and the varying reactions to it continue to affect nearly everyone in ways large and small While most people Tina Hager The White House Here is a view of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, as he prepared to ride up to the observation deck.

Jun , The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected recipients of the Small Project Awards This is the th edition Prospect House Max Levy Architect Dripping A helical stair leads from the cantilevered entry canopy to a fissure in the cladding that opens onto the exterior observation deck.

Oct , The family that purchased the site saw instead a chance to be as open as possible, using the small degree of isolation as an opportunity to connect to the metropolis from a slight The deck and landing for the stairs to the roof are oversized so the family can spread out in every direction during the day.

Jun , In this post you ll get to tour the amazing tiny lighthouse cabin which has incredible views up top of the acre farm.

Summary A DAM Lookout, Amsterdam s first and only publicly accessible observation deck, opened on Saturday, May , at the top of the A DAM Tower In addition, two stories are set aside for A DAM Works, providing office and meeting space to small companies in the music and creative sector This will be an

May , Just below the bowl like observation deck that tops the tower is a small screened room with a net floor that lets you look down at the ground below This quirky structure stands on the grounds of Granada s Science Museum which houses scientific experiments on meteorology, geography and astronomy.

Oct , This is a sq ft tiny log cabin on acres in Vermont with an observation deck on the property and you re invited to come check it out inside out!

Sep , Wrapped by this faceted metal skin, the small structure comprises a low portion and an adjoining tower In contrast, the interior and a warming room A helical staircase leads up to a deck and continues up to the observation platform inside the turret which is equipped with a large telescope and a camera.

Oct , It should be of the hill, belonging to it, so hill and house could live together each the happier for the other The entire footprint of this house, initially borrowed from the hillside, has been floord on the roof Small, simple architectural slices in the landscape can give clues to the site s original form.

Aug , You don t hear sirens, you don t hear traffic You hear us There s nothing like that They saw it coming the mushroom cloud of smoke Dabney Tompkins and Alan Colley were on their deck enjoying the view when Stouts Creek Fire broke out earlier this month They d read about moments like this

Aug , With a goal of becoming the world s tallest building and so few hard facts available, you could be forgiven for feeling a little skeptical about Santiago Calatrava s Dubai Creek Tower There s a long way The interior will include multiple observation decks promising amazing views of Dubai Bearing in mind

Oct , Photos inside one of the most coveted locations in the annual Open House New York Weekend the cupola of the Manhattan Municipal Building next to City Cities has been on a quest to access all of the formerly public observation decks in New York City like the ones on Pine and Exchange Place).