ideas forfloor surrounds for outdoor swimming pools

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Jun , From updated bricks to modern art on the mantel, these ideas for the fireplace will help your older home feel young at hearth So many older mantels have been painted, so we never see their original glory Even though the mantel looks very traditional, a patterned tile is used that s echoed in the varied

Apr , I ve gathered together paint colors, images and products featuring spring green to give you some ideas on how to bring one of nature s happiest hues into your home by Jennifer Ott They would look great in a bathroom, as the shower surround, or as the backsplash in a white or light wood clad kitchen.

Jan , Bring your fireplace design up to snuff with this makeover lowdown.

Apr , Last, take inspiration from this idea and get the look not with stone but with paper A wallpaper backsplash creates that continuous custom look while tying the room to another space in your house (if you repeat the pattern in, say, your living room or dining nook) Just add a layer of glass on top to create that

Jan , Functionality first Spatial planning will be a key focus for bathroom designers in , predicts Seeger, who says this approach is like a return to modernism and the idea that form follows function This is sure to be welcome news for renovators who loathe clutter and overdone design in favor of a clean,

Aug , Paint your fireplace surround and alcoves in neutral shades to create a great backdrop for displaying specimen shells, coral and coastal art A limed or Slipcovers are a great idea for sofas and chairs white or cream always looks upscale, or you can mix it up with some stripes as well Experiment with

Jan , Styling your mantel during the holidays can be a piece of cake, given all those special decorations you take out only once a year But once those are packed away and you are left with an empty mantel, how do you get the focal point of your living room or den looking picture perfect Here are some

Mar , Go to a corner of the room or perhaps peek at the surrounds of a radiator pipe to discover what s there Some coverings and carpets, particularly sisal, are glued down with a really sticky adhesive, so it s not always a simple change The floors will have to be scraped back and then sanded, which can be

Jul , You ll also be decorating your outdoor space with the color and beauty of flowering plants Landscape by Noelle Consider planting containers filled with nectar rich flowering plants outside your office Surround taller plants with medium sized plants and finish with trailing plants around the outer areas.

Jan , Fireplace surround This unexpected mantel would attract attention in any room, but it shines like a diva in this woodsy, eclectic space Indeed, lacquer has a knack for waking up its more matte roommates Transitional Nursery by Plath Company Plath Company Ceiling stunner As more of us look up

Jul , It s versatile, and can be used on floors, walls, fire surrounds, pool coping and outdoor surfaces Through body, color body When the color on the tile face continues through the body so that chips and scratches aren t obvious Unglazed porcelain is a through body tile A glazed tile has only a surface

Apr , Whether you have a huge poolside deck or a sliver of a patio, these ideas will kick stress to the curb all summer long No pool This look would work equally well on a backyard deck I would surround the seating area with big pots of fragrant plants, like lavender Eclectic Porch Eclectic Porch.

Feb , Who says tile should be banished to the bathroom Our creative tile ideas will show you how to create a focal point in some unexpected places.

Dec , Enjoy this look at homes decked out for the holidays, from all over the Houzz community.

Jul , Here s a collection of some of our favorite breakfast banquettes to flip through for loads of ideas Click on the first photo to get started (switch the green A linen covered banquette and armchair surround a metal bistro table in a traditional Atlanta kitchen The valances and pillows were made from the same

Sep , When we moved in, I came up with the idea of extending the sauna that was already in the house, and designed my very own man spa completely from scratch, he says Before this, it was Anything that truly makes you relax, whether it s music, magazines, a pool table or a spa, he says See more of

Aug , Travertine is a gorgeous paver for a pool surround.

Aug , Strategically place the outdoor shower If your placement is just right in relation to a fence, foliage and the neighbor s windows, you may even be able to skip the surround and go au naturel in the semi open Contemporary Landscape by Studio Mark Ruthven Studio Mark Ruthven Just add water.

Sep , Stones that cover shower surrounds, whether travertine, limestone or marble, look great and can last a lifetime But harsh chemicals can leave scratches, break down sealants and eventually discolor stone Let s look at your options to determine what you can use to keep a beautiful stone shower looking as

Jan , Funky patterned orange chairs surround a silver tree like table with a pound glass top in the formal dining room Table Sequoia Dining Table, Z Gallerie lighting fixture Cluster Glass Pendant Light, West Elm Eclectic Dining Room by Theresa Fine Theresa Fine Old paintings purchased at auctions

Dec , On doors Hang them inside on bedroom doorknobs or outside on your entry door Use door wreath hangers as sturdy hooks Traditional Family Room by On a chalkboard Display your stockings by hanging them from trim on a large chalkboard, like KeriAnne s

Jul , That might seem like an easy task, but remember, you need a tile that is suitable for floor and wall use This same A little known fact is that if you re using glass tile or any sheet mosaic tile, it is up to the manufacturer or retailer to inform you if the tile is acceptable for submersion or pool use Your shower

Oct , For her, they are a comfort they surround her like a warm blanket For people who are not book people and who have shelves in their home or install shelves in their home, the idea of consciously going out and Where we disagree is with the idea of books being used strictly for display purposes Sure

Sep , It lacks arches and intricately detailed smaller elements It more closely resembles Spanish colonial architecture by its simpler articulation However, Spanish eclectic expresses itself in the Renaissance inspired entrance surround and asymmetrical front view Note the roof vents near the gable peaks, which

Jan , Take a look at this Bali inspired wet room (we love how it flows out to an outdoor spa) and tell us you wouldn t feel completely blissed out every morning From the rich red tinged mahogany bath surrounds to the light blonde wood cabinetry and window frames, the wood surfaces add visual and textural

May , Color and shape often determine how we organize the world around us That s certainly the case with this home in Adelaide, Australia, designed by architectural practice Grieve Gillett Andersen Composed of a series of elemental shapes and saturated primary and secondary colors, Crayon House, as it is