prefabricated exterior stairs step

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Feb , To attain sufficient load carrying characteristics, a plurality of elongated reinforcement bars extend through the set concrete to add strength internally to the final stair structure Thus, much of the strength of the concrete structure is significantly attributable to the reinforcing bars, whereby the bottom formwork

Dec , The invention is a boltless metal stair step system that provides a simple way to install an indoor outdoor metal staircase The result is a structurally sound, lightweight, fire retardant staircase that can ultimately be finished with various materials such as stone, brick, wood, etc Ordinarily a staircase is

Modern metal, cool concrete, and warm wooden staircases of all different kinds some spiral, some straight and others somewhere in between Yet each of these stair sets was done by the same designer with an eye toward exploiting the aesthetic and structural strengths of each material Their openness is perhaps the

Sep , The form resulting from a rigorous, modular geometric abstraction establishes the necessary rotation of certain modules to adapt to the natural The exterior stairs that create a link between the patios mirror the interior stairs that have the same function of linking the designed compartments that are also

Aug , In order that the entrance to and exit from the spiral staircase be disposed in convenient locations, at least one of the extremities of the staircase constitutes a series of steps that extend rectilinearly in progression from the spiral, outside of the circular area thereof as viewed in plan and constitutes an access

Mar , The assembly is adapted to use a pair of parallel stringer arms for each side of the stair, a riser tred support bracket for each stair, and alignment and The structure of the present invention can be used for forming a stair and may also be used as a support for concrete form work, as a form for a ramp, as a

Apr , Turkish firm Emre Arolat Architects used a combination of light grey stone and reinforced concrete to construct the Sancaklar Mosque, which is set into a plaza made up of shallow terraced steps The square metre structure is situated in Buyuk?ekmece, a suburb on the outskirts of Istanbul and is

May , MVRDV completes The Stairs, a giant scaffolding staircase in Rotterdam city centre As the latest of several exciting new additions to the city, the temporary installation allows visitors to climb steps up to the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw one of the first buildings constructed in the city after the end

Oct , The staircase s slatted metal balustrade follows the meandering form of the staircase and provides a delicate counterpoint to the robust concrete floor and steps FOM Hochschule building by Jürgen Mayer H Administration facilities and a student information centre situated on the fourth floor are separated

Jul , Working with a good architect to thoroughly examine all of the options for stair location will yield the best results by Morrison When you add a story to your home and have a masonry chimney, you need to eliminate the chimney or build it up (with brick or a metal flue) to above the roof level This can be a

Oct , Steps with deep treads and high risers are incorporated into traditional staircases, often to one side of the thoroughfare Outdoor stairs with deep treads and low risers, often referred to as bleachers, are also regularly used as temporary seating when public spaces are turned into performance venues.

Apr , The mezzanine is reached by ascending a staircase featuring cantilevered treads that appear to hover above the concrete floored living space Since we started the models of the project, we loved the concept of creating a clean group of steel platforms to access the attic, Miguélez told Dezeen The steps

Oct , CREE, (short for Creative Resource Energy Efficiency) is an Austrian contractor that has developed an interesting hybrid prefabricated construction system that uses glue laminated timber and concrete They ve built an eight storey building in Austria, LCT, that demonstrates the system, and just in time

Apr , The Stairs suggest that, he added, revealing the project s name The Stairs by MVRDV The scaffolding structure will comprise steps, leading visitors up to a temporary observation deck Today, Rotterdam is a hub for landmark buildings and experimental construction, with new projects including

Feb , A set of flat metal wedges, each having an angled slot, is driven between the vertical bolts and lances on the sides of the stair pans in order to align the stair pans ,, and ,, show a metal stairway system using prefabricated stair treads and locking devices to lock the stair treads to risers.

Designed by the Swedish firm Belatchew Arkitekter for the outdoor gear company JABO, Steps is a tiny house with a twist While the majority of this home s layout is pretty standard for an ultra compact portable home, it s exterior staircase, which leads up to a quaint rooftop terrace, sets it apart Plus, these stairs conceal

Feb , Belatchew Arkitekter designed a tiny, unique prefab house, called Steps, for JABO The house features a rooftop terrace that s reached via a staircase built into the exterior structure The small house has everything you need, including an outdoor kitchen that s equipped with a sink Photo by Patrick Price.

Feb , An angular exterior surrounds the minimalist interior of this house in France February , firewood to be stored Steps at the rear of the carport lead to the backyard Throughout the prefabricated home, materials like steel and concrete, have been left exposed to create a sense of authenticity.

Mar , I started by gluing strip wood to the side of the staircase, to make up for the prefab stairs being slightly narrower than the kit stairs I couldn t use the ones that come with the stair kits, because the bottom four need to be slightly wider, and the rest of them won t have spindles and therefore don t need the

The first step in this project is to demo the entire bathroom, starting with the tub These five steps take care of the bathtub plumbing Given the tight spots I need to get into under the deck and between joists while I am on a ladder to remove the old railing posts, I could really use a compact recip saw with some power.