recycled exterior wall cladding

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jun , A modular system for cladding exterior walls of a structure and insulating the structure walls provides thermally isolated vertical girders secured to a structural wall The insulation may be of various forms including fiberglass batting, mineral wool, recycled paper, cellulose or the like The object is to fill the

May , Rather than just tearing the shed down and getting rid of it, Raffaello Rosselli recycled the original materials while paying respect to the shed s structure The shed was carefully deconstructed, and the exterior metal cladding was retained while the new two story studio office and apartment were constructed.

Apr , geometric patterned screens, recycled timber, Wolveridge Architects, mud brick and breeze The materials are generally recycled timbers, with blackened plywood walls and a black ceiling which encourages the enjoyment of light and the The exterior cladding will develop a gray patina over time.

Nov , Phoenix Biomedical Sciences Building by CO Architects Roughly rectangular in plan, the new storey building has a sculptural form Exterior walls are wrapped in recycled copper panels, and various setbacks and projections are meant to evoke desert rock formations Upper floors push outward, helping

Oct , Concrete, calm, and enduring patina materials were selected for the central structure Brick becomes the counterpart for the exterior cladding, balancing the tranquility with warm vitality and subtle rhythms Recycled bricks were used as wall cladding for the exterior walls, conservatory area, and veranda to

Jul , In the city of Bandung, Indonesia, Dutch Indonesian design firm Shau created this new micro library on top of an existing outdoor community stage, using over , recycled ice cream tubs for the structure s exterior cladding The building is intended as a prototype for other micro libraries that the firm plans

May , They also use Richlite as an exterior cladding Richlite is now made with recycled paper, but it is essentially a sheet of phenolic resin made with formaldehyde, phenol and methanol I don t think anyone defines that as environmentally sustainable and it certainly isn t upcycling by far the biggest component

Exterior wall studs are the vertical members to which the wall sheathing and cladding are attached cm ( inches) apart, are usually filled with insulation materials, such as fiberglass batting, or cellulose filling sometimes made of recycled newsprint treated with boron additives for fire prevention and vermin control.

Recycled wooden pallets cladding the home s exterior not only give the house a cool look and feel, but they also provide natural cooling via shade and ventilation Cool in more On the other side of the glass walls, an outdoor entertaining area sheltered by a large awning offers an al fresco living space The sustainable