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Feb , I decided that the stairwell, which is visible from the main floor, was the perfect spot add the reclaimed wood It would recall some of the basement s previous pine paneling, but appear fresh and interesting With you lovely readers in mind, I documented the entire process, which by the way cost under .

Jul , In addition, the wall panel includes a mounting element having a first end embedded in the precast body and a second end projecting from the have been developed as a quick and efficient way to provide a masonry appearance for a building while simplifying construction and lowering construction cost.

Dec , Just use the dimensions of the stiles and the panel widths you calculated to locate where each stile gets placed Ideally, you should be able to build each frame section as one whole unit, but longer walls may require you to break them up into smaller, more easily managed sections The completed frames

Nov , Now it s time to talk about how he did it! When we came up with the initial idea, the first thing we did was go to Ikea to look at their closet systems I d seen a ton of great Ikea closet hacks online, so I was hopeful we could use their pieces to create something semi custom A quick look at the price tag and the

A humorous take on the shiplap home decor trend which unfortunately reminds me of the paneling trend of the s Brandy I m about to make blog suicide here And when you took it down it split into pieces and the plaster behind it would chunk off and you d be left with a huge mess which cost a fortune to then fix.

Aug , plywood walls Save It s the cheapest, thinnest plywood we could find We bought nine sheets, so it cost us less than to plank the entire kitchen and dining room (We actually ran out, we need about of another sheet ) Here is the beautiful part about this project and the reason my husband was so

Oct , One of my favorite architectural elements in a home is chunky wood paneling (known as shiplap or a similar tongue and groove paneling) Click here for more details and the process of our plank walls during remodeling You can get faux wood beams to lower the cost as real ones are heavy heavy.

Sep , I started paneling my tiny house walls with my new homemade paneling made out of scrap lumber I cant believe how pretty this wood is inside Behind that gra

Disguise a wall mural or ugly paint with these simple, budget friendly tricks Use faux webbing as window treatments, and pull out the reds and blues in his bedding Or maybe go I don t know what Charles budget is, but this option would probably cost a couple hundred dollars depending on what he bought I have a

Mar , Learn how to choose systems and plants, and what it will cost to bring a bit of the outdoors in or green up a garden wall While a tray is super durable, it might be good to have a professional hang yours to complete the construction. Then all you have to do is tend the plants Another good option for

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Oct , Accent walls are a cool d├ęcor feature and in trend now, many designers and home owners make brick, painted, fabric and other accent walls Outside of cost, here are some other reasons why a faux stone wall is superior Unlike real stone, a DIY faux stone wall using wall panels (via ).

Oct , venetian plaster gold dome faux finishing Venetian Plaster I am preparing a quote for a venetian plaster (synthetic) job and I would like input on the current square footage price Or would you create a much more customized venetian plaster finish to show the client and stay within your comfort zone