2nd floor veranda with cover

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If both floors of the house are heated, use unfaced insulation Watch this video to find out more.

Jun , From grilling rules to patio furniture advice, we ve got it covered Propane grills are never allowed in apartment buildings or any multiple dwelling (aka apartment building), and the NYC Fuel Gas Code states that you can t store standard backyard propane on a balcony, roof deck, backyard, or in a

Jul , Tom White, pictured, who hosts the channel s Through the Night show, is understood to have been asleep in an apartment in the resort of Albufeira when his friend fell to his death.

Apr , But it would be glaringly obtrusive if the deck were higher than the interior floor Nothing says we didn t figure out the framing system prior to building the deck quite like having to step up to the deck from an adjacent room A level relationship is easy enough to achieve at decks that sit over exterior areas,

Jul , Enhance an open air shower with amenities and style upgrades from the all essential towel hook to total landscape integration.

Mar , Here s a new product that could help expand your cat s indoor territory It s Katio, a new concept from Katco LLC It s a window enclosure that fits in standard windows just like an air conditioning unit Simple to install and made of thick ultra sturdy molded plastic, the Katio has a clear window facing

An annual deep clean will extend the life of a concrete patio, a wood deck, or a stone walkwayand will make your outdoor zone gleam.

Need some privacy in your backyard Or want to hide an ugly view These outdoor privacy ideas from HouseLogic will help you enjoy your home more.

Nov , How to repaint porch railings to minimize future flaking and why fall is a great time to paint exterior areas exposed to the outdoors One thing we ve noticed, though, is that the white railings have needed to be repainted every few years, especially in the area that s covered with a pergola and clear roofing

Sep , You have to go to the Walls and Empty Rooms menu and select one of the Deck options in order to get started If you want, you can even create balconies by using the same option on the second floor You might also want to build a nice enclosed fence in front of your main entrance, and place a large gate

When fitting border tile next to a wall, leave a small gap that is covered with baseboard or quarter round molding Another option is to install tile up the wall using thin set or construction adhesive Be sure to line up the joints in the baseboard tile with the floor for a continuous look Applying tile to a wall to serve as a

May , It is design for long term and with nd floor or rd floor provision for future renovation Courtesy of the Indian Design House or story, or two story, with a roof deck design Obviously its roof is the covering which are made up of cement and gravel and sand as well as water sealant thus making it the roof deck.

Rust Oleum kindly provided enough Deck Restore to cover the horizontal surfaces of our deck and stairs Deck Restore isn t intended for I did a second floor balcony off the master bedroom and the product leaked through to the patio below because my boards were spaced far enough apart If you use a smaller roller

If you have a cl space underneath your porch consider covering it with plastic to form a moisture barrier Ensure your porch floor slopes slightly away from the house to direct water away See our waterproofing tips for your porch floor especially if you have a two story porch Bevel hand railings Use good primer paints

My old house had a sleeping porch up until a couple of months ago We had a heavy snow (more extreme weather) that partially caved in the roof of the porch this past winter, and I saw no reason to keep it, when I never used it The porch was on the second floor of the old house and stretched across the entire rear side

Feb , Allstate is back with another collaboration today this time they are answering my questions about how to keep our family safe in a story home I love this house from top to bottom, inside and out BUT there are a few things that make me uneasy, and all those things are hazards associated with having a

Jul , I posted what my deck looks like after year of having put down Deck Restore, look for Deck Restore Applying Done By Home owner after year part , when i used this product, it was made by the company Syntainc, and its on its nd year of being applied and I can say I HAVE NO FLAKING OR

Jun , Su Liu, , threw herself from the third floor of an apartment block in Sichuan, China, after her daughter Tingting, , refused to break up with her boyfriend Fang Shu.

Aug , A group of dudes were at a recent Lil Uzi Vert show, turning up on the second floor balcony, when one of them thought it was a good idea

Before I could install my final section of half round gutter, I needed to jack up a porch roof just where it met the house Here s How I I should probably point out that the porch floor pitches and has sagged too, but not so much that I am super, overly concerned with it (Plus I finally hung my gutter (as covered in this post).

May , On nd floor, situated at street level, we find the entrance and the garage All floors are contemplated with covered or uncovered verandas and patios that are closed off or open to the landscape, creating variable possibilities of inhabiting spaces, taking advantage of the light and scenery that change with

Feb , At last you re ready to install the deck of your dreams Before you begin construction, it s important to consider how to address the underside of the deck and accompanying staircase If the deck will extend from the second story, this can be quite a lot of potentially usable space There will be less space to

It is a cover for the iPad, has a handle (which also functions as a stand) and it has cutouts for the power and volume buttons iPad Case for The little arms are so good for them to hold onto and they re such heavy duty that they survived me accidentally knocking one off the second floor balcony onto pacers below Tarni.

Jul , They just wired it up from below and drilled a small hole in the floor from above and popped the outlet cover on You can see the finished result below We got the bill this weekend, which totaled around , The breakdown was for materials and the rest was labor time It was definitely one of the