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Oct , Wooden railings take a lot of abuse as well It s very easy to get scratches on items like these, simply from the ongoing heavy usage Over the years, I ve found just a couple of tips can help minimize the appearance of such annoying scratches without having to refinish completely, which can take hours

Sep , Wood Trim I ll also never paint it because everyone else is doing it I see the pictures, I subscribe to the magazines and while I love modern and better wood like oak was used downstairs, in rooms where friends and family would visit while upstairs, where it was private cheaper, softer wood like pine

Outdoor wood steps can become slippery over time Watch this video to find out how to improve traction on wood steps to reduce the chance of falls coating that s perfectly clear And after everything s nice and clean, you spray this over the treads And that s a very inexpensive way to make your stairs a lot safer.

Jul , Once you know how many balusters you ll need, if it is an ODD number of balusters, attach a baluster through pocket holes to the center of the railing section as noted in the diagram If you need an EVEN number of balusters, the center will be a spacing So find the center, and measure the

Jan , So, we decided to stain the banister and newel posts (and the wood that runs along the base of the spindles) and to paint each of the spindles a And your stairs may not have the wood along the base like ours does, but if you do, we found this sponge sander that got into cracks a little better than the

Sep , In other parts of the country, Beaudry s noticing an uptick in cedar and redwood railings, as well as treated pine and fireven a slight growth in hardwoods like mahogany However, There are many more alternatives now, and I feel strongly it will continue, Beaudry says Wood will still be used, but it won t

How to install wood plugs in railings When I see a project where the carpenter took the time and effort to install wood plugs I automatically thing quality. This article will show you how to install wood plugs in railings and anything else for that matter.

Jul , To keep the handrail from sliding out while the Sugru dries, come up with some form of redneck engineering to hold it in place It s so easy to DIY your own and much cheaper than buying one already made! Ours was a scrap piece of wood standing up vertically at the end of the handrail with the old school

Jun , Anyhow, our project this month was painting the railings and staining the deck Painting the railings was a necessity because they are built from standard xs that we already had instead of treated lumber We need Which is much better than the , hours it would have taken me with a brush Plus

Aug , Here, you will find the information you need to pull off a better stair railing job that you could ever imagine As you will realize, there are plenty of options for This beautiful and unique driftwood stair rail and the bleached wood floor stairs adds such a beachy feel Take the full home tour here Stair Railing

Our wood deck railings and porch railing designs will give you a myriad of ideas Use them Our wood deck railings will give you almost unlimited ideas for your deck or front porch Our porch Perhaps the most popular design I suspect its mainly because it may be easier, faster, and less expensive to construct So, how