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Dec , am about to Post a photo on my FB wall a jar of the encumbering the Residential Lot created by non payment of the required moneys in the same Our next door neighbor has a clothesline, but I don t know how much they use it since they have a privacy fence (we ve only seen it when visiting).

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Apr , Home stagers start with an evaluation in which they ll review your home from curbside to back fence offering a list of instructions and suggested enhancements, changes and The goal is that the buyer understands how to use each space and connects with the home and pictures themselves living there.

Mar , Why is La La Land so popular among Mormons The New York Times (here) has maps (chloropleths, if you want to show off your vocabulary) showing the popularity of the nominees for best picture The maps look like different countries Fences, for example, did best in the Southern swath from

Jul , The host lists their place online, posts photos, writes a description, and, presto, they make extra money with the unused space Having verified photos means someone has been there, seen the place, and vouched that it actually looks like its photos Do they If you ve been on the fence about it, don t be.

Jul , This year Pooneh Ghana, a photographer well versed in travelling the world with bands (and who recently kept a brilliant photo diary of Form Festival for Rough Trade Magazine), was part of The highlight of his set was when he jumped a fence, then climbed up and sang from the top of a tree in the crowd!

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