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Apr , Deckgate (Literally, How To Make A Deck Gate) Young House Love This isn t Deckgate in the sense that there s a scandal involving a deck (sorry Olivia Pope) but for anyone who might want to learn how to build a literal deck gate, well, this File this project under Why didn t I do this last year .

installing ledger flashing under siding Flash It to Protect It Not all porches need ledger flashing however, most should and flashing on decks is a must It can be easy! tiled decking materials on front porch Porch Decking Material Options Find the perfect porch flooring material for your porch or deck You ll be surprised at

We recruited my dad to help us build it, because he used to build decks as his job, and even HE was all Oh YES That would be SO Because we were building right on top of concrete, there was no need to mix and add cement footings under the wood, and this was a pretty straightforward project He started laying the

Mar , Local building codes vary, but pretty much anywhere, if you have a deck or porch or more above ground level (lower in some areas), a railing is required, build a railing Heythere were stairs under that of ice and snow! There are several railing options available at most home centers, including

May , First came the DIY porch curtains, and a few days ago I tackled replacing the lattice on the bottom of the porch This is my kind of DIY project Or I might leave it like this, because it makes it super easy to remove the lattice if I ever have to get to something under the porch a This is what the left side

Jul , It s time for another edition of the DIY Housewives Series, and this month my blogging friends and I are bringing you DIY Porch and Deck Projects! If you re new here, the DIY Housewives is a series where I partner with other bloggers to share projects from our archives that you may have missed, all of

Oct , When I had the new porch and decks built, I purchased a gas grill that runs on natural gas with a gas line running directly to it Only link up Before and After posts that are home, gardening, crafting, painting, sewing, cooking or DIY related The only way you could keep warm was to stand under it.

Jul , If you ve ever thought about turning your cement porch into a wood deck, it s surprisingly easy! to do, none of the project s wood is in contact with the ground, and any rain or water that might run off or under the deck boards flows right out without sitting under or pooling around any of the wood structure.

Apr , outdoor back deck diy pizza oven Additional patio with diy pizza oven Now onto a few more sprucing up your patio, porch and diy ideas down below I thought the pollen was gone But sadly, I was mistaken and today I was in pretty rough shape My eyes were tearing up so bad they were dripping down my

How about swinging on your porch and sipping cold iced tea under the cool breeze of an outdoor ceiling fan! Outdoor The elegant glass cover helps brighten the area, and when combined with the fan s high CFM rating, you ll quickly understand why we put the Ellington Knightsbridge in the spot for covered decks.

Jun , What do you think Will you tackle a deck project this summer Special thanks to Behr for providing paint for my railings as part of my role as Behr DIY Expert! And thank you for supporting NewlyWoodwards sponsors to help make posts like this possible.

May , SpinRay Energy has developed a system that lets consumers install up to five solar panels on their decks and plug them into an outdoor power outlet industry pros, he noted the panels use relatively new technology in the microinverter and people in the industry may be opposed to DIY solar because it

Give your porch, veranda or deck that professionally finished look Porch Lattice and Fascia Add the finishing touches to your project with deck skirt boards, a drip rail and lattice panels The screened lattice panels prevent wasps and other insects from nesting under your deck And the attached heavy duty landscape fabric

Jul , And truly, you barely even notice the screen at all DIY screened porch with cedar and barnwood Once the screen was stapled up, he trimmed the OUTSIDE of the porch with cedar to finish it We ll eventually trim out below the deck as well, but not now DIY screened porch with cedar and barnwood.