the price of wpc decking in japan

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Nov , This invention involves a composite prefabricated deck panel and method of construction When a cast in place topping is not used, the top surface of the slab is usually irregular at the joints between slabs, or the cost of leveling or fastening the slabs is greatly increased due to the time and materials

Mar , The bridge deck panel includes an elongated metal deck plate stiffened longitudinally by longitudinal stiffening metal ribs providing a bi flexural action that would allow for a thinner steel deck plate resulting in a lower steel deck cost and that would increase the composite main bridge girder depth [].

Mar , This invention discloses a new technology related to cellulose fiber reinforced cement composite materials using the loaded cellulose fibers What is more surprising is that smaller quantities of fibers may be used, so that the cost of loading or partially loading the fiber can be offset by the lower usage of

Nov , The invention provides new composite materials containing aerogels blended with thermoplastic polymer materials at a weight ratio of aerogel to thermoplastic The polymeric compositions of the present invention can be cost effectively manufactured and are adaptable for low temperature and other uses,

Jul , Unlike composite open web steel joists supporting simple span metal decks, the new shear connection ready joist incorporates a flat topped chord to allow The use of shelves (usually in the form of angles) for deck support increases the cost of the composite open web joist system in several ways .

Aug , All water fixtures, most from Japanese company Toto, are low flow, and all of the tiles on the floors and walls are ceramic The couple told me that they The decking surfaces are made with composite wood decking, which is made from scrap wood and recycled products The entire home is designed to