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A multi layered shingle adapted to be positioned with other similar shingles in an overlapping arrangement on a roof to yield a simulated wooden shake roof covering The laminated composite is integral with the headlap portion and the top surface of the uppermost layer of each tab is coplanar with the top surface of the

Sep , The larger area thin stone veneer panels are useful as building wall sheathing panels (cladding), in a variety of stone colors, and can be made available Suppliers of such grata products appear to distribute their products in wood, plastic and brass, but evidently they do not offer any stone product for this

The properties of articles fabricated from foamed metals (such as foamed aluminum) are enhanced by coating surfaces thereof with plastic materials, e.g acrylonitrile butadiene styrene As desired, the color pattern of such curtain walls can be chosen to provide a checkerboard, variegated, mosaic, or combined effect.

Jul , The coextruded composite profile of claim , wherein the colorant comprises a variegated colorant The coextruded To increase performance, manufacturers often incorporate UV stabilizers, antioxidants, biocides, color, fire retardants, or other additives into the WPC formulation These additives

First stage was to permanently fix plastic composite decking that form the track base from the turnout cut in just south of Kakariki station to just before the where the track When this area is finally detailed where the dirt road crosses and runs along the track wooden planking will be installed in a similar way to timber running

Color or colors may be systematically or irregularly incorporated into the plastic composition independently of such decorative character or the filler or reinforcing A decorative structural member comprising, a supporting body of porous material having a surface composite layer on a face thereof, said layer including a

Jul , Some types of variegated purple slate has veining and shades of contrasting colors Many people have been concerned in the past with the viability of wood as a countertop material, because of its porous nature, however wood has been found to have more anti bacterial effectiveness than plastic as a

Jan , Example material classifications may include aluminum (solid color), aluminum (variegated), composite, concrete fiber (asbestos), fiber cement, fiberglass, pressed board (Masonite), steel (solid color), steel (variegated color), vinyl (solid color), vinyl (variegated color), wood, etc [] (b) Style Example