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Apr , Hardwood maple wood flooring Save To make the countertop he just cut a piece of plywood to size and started gluing the planks on (Don t you judge me just cause I have a washing machine on my front porch!) How To Make A Wood Counter (without many tools) Save How to make your own countertop

For steep slopes, you will need either piers (columns of reinforced concrete) that sit on concrete slabs deep into the ground or perhaps even an engineered Ensure your porch floor slopes slightly away from the house to direct water away See our waterproofing tips for your porch floor especially if you have a two story

These porches are typically floorless, but provide insect and rain protection, and make big tents more livable like the LL Bean King Pine tent, shown below Many family Factory applied waterproof tape which is applied over tent seams to prevent water from leaking onto a tent floor or through the walls Seam tape

Repair any rotten spots on the old sill with epoxy Trim the back edge of the new sill as needed so that its lower edge fits tightly against the siding and its back edge fits against the old wood Drill pilot holes every inches or so through the new sill s front and back edges Run a bead of waterproof, marine grade adhesive

Jul , When we first met our house the original crumbling plaster was full of mold and termite damage, so it has taken over eight solid months to rebuild this This was the back of the first floor when we bought the house, complete with crumbling walls, missing floors, and some pretty gnarly termite damage and

Jul , Traditional wood decks, regardless of how much waterproofing sealant you apply each year, will eventually succumb to nature s forces (or termites) But if you ve got a sloping property, need a level surface for outdoor entertaining and want to avoid the expense and disruption of building retaining walls,

Jun , Patio Details A Relaxing Front Yard Retreat in Los Angeles Threshold You step down inches ( centimeters) from the interior wood floor to the paved courtyard The sliding glass doors lead Krueger created a grid of waterproof LED lights inside the steel frame that produces a glowing effect at night.

Sep , Floors in wood frame homes are usually constructed with joists that are centered no more than inches or centimeters apart, according to most building codes Heavy floors, such as those made of stone, are more closely spaced If the span between load bearing walls is too long for joists to safely

Aug , Solid stone or composite stone is generally the most comfortable option to sit or lie on Choosing this first might help you narrow down Remember that shower floors need to be presloped before waterproofing to ensure that any moisture that gets under the tile can drain Before tiling starts, this need to be

Jul , https vinyl flooring loose lay.html This waterproof flooring is brand new Loose lay means that to install the plank, you just joints are filled in, have it level to across any foot span, and before installation to make sure it is clean, dry, dust free, smooth, solid and sound.

I demolished a porch to replace a sanitary pipe that had collapsed, and installed footing drains, foundation waterproofing, and insulation before backfilling We built new lattice skirting for the base, added a new central heating and cooling system, added new solid oak floors, new plumbing, a new bathroom, and a new

The permanent track can be painted to match the house s exterior Panels provide solid protection against debris and wind, but they re tough to handle (mind the sharp edges!), bulky to store, and time consuming to install, especially on upper floors For a good sized family home, two people should allow at least a half day

May , Cut the flashing at each floor joist in order to get the flashing between joists to bend Pro Tip Newer chemicals for pressure treated wood like alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) and copper azole, are more corrosive, and aluminum flashing and steel z flashing actually deteriorate when in constant contact.