anti-uv plastic composite wall cladding

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The bolt element is subsequently turned so that the thread of the thread cylinder forms an internal thread in the wall of the hole The present invention relates to a method for attaching a bolt element to a component consisting of a composite material such as a fiber reinforced plastic part or a fabric reinforced plastic part,

The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a replication master tooling article suitable for manufacturing replicated articles by machining a substrate surface with laser energy to produce a plurality of geometric structures in the substrate, the geometric structures having side surfaces extending from the surface of the

Said load bearing plate comprises a flat hollow body which is filled with a high density filler, said filler being cast to give a rigid composite by means of a solidified an individual recess which extends over the entire width and the entire depth of the trough, with the exception of lateral and rear and front delimiting walls.

Various roofing materials include composite shingles, metal panels or shingles, concrete or clay tiles, wood shakes, slate, concrete and clay tile, and the like The anti skid roof underlayment of claim , wherein the substrate layer comprises a woven material and the first layer comprises one of a hot melt plastic film and

An overview of numerous test and requirements is given, for example by Jürgen Troitzsch, Plastics Flammability Handbook, , Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich roof truss, in ceiling and wall constructions, as material for the production of interior fittings, for example as ceiling or wall cladding or floor covering, as material

Nov , The present invention relates to improvements in color of melt processed polymer composites and plastic objects made there of, within which a some d backs of each antimicrobial agent are mitigated, including the reduction of discoloration from UV light exposure in accelerated weathering tests.

a sensor panel having amorphous or crystalline silicon photodiodes or metal insulated semiconductor (MIS) sensors Certain exemplary embodiments described herein can provide a digital radiography detector including a housing having first and second spaced members and side walls defining a cavity a radiographic

This can be accomplished by printing, for instance a label on a computer or the serial number on currency, or by stamping the code into a metal or plastic piece, through, e.g a change in temperature (e.g spontaneously upon deposition) or via crosslinking (e.g a UV or otherwise actively initiated curing mechanism).

Sep , The integrated molding and fiber reinforced composite sheet of the present invention are advantageous in production of thinner wall and lighter weight parts or equipment, due to their superior mechanical properties and light weight, and besides, they can be suitably used for note type personal computers

Ridges formed on the curved surface of the gutter protector contact the outer wall of the gutter thereby creating a space for water flow into the gutter interior However, gutter protector is optionally formed from plastic, fiberglass, composite material or other suitable ultraviolet resistant materials, depending upon the

Dec , The invention relates to methyl methacrylate characterized in that at least one portion of the carbons thereof is biologically sourced and, more specifically, in that it contains between × and × wt of C in relation to total carbon weight according to the ASTM D standard.

Nov , The present invention relates to improvements in color of melt processed thermoplastic polymer composites and plastic objects made there of, within which a silver based antimicrobial agent has been introduced More particularly, the invention is directed towards use of a specified combination of

Rovings at least partially bond with the cable jacket during extrusion thereof and provide anti buckling resistance while still allowing desirable drop cable characteristics Preferably, the polymer is a UV stabilized polymer such as ULTEM available from GE Plastics however, other suitable materials are possible.

It is desirable to provide a means for disinfecting a wound that does not rely solely on the application of an anti bacterial lotion to the wound An ultraviolet light source may be used as well, with a fluorescent dye or phosphor materials applied to the fiber cladding (effectively down converting the ultraviolet wavelength of

Loose tube fiber optic cables typically use crisscrossing binder yarns that are counter helically wrapped about a core of the cable to constrain stranded buffer According to an exemplary embodiment, the optical fiber of the tube is a glass optical fiber, having a fiber optic core surrounded by a cladding (shown as a

Dec , An optical system that allows for the flexible location of an optical device that is coupled to a patch panel in a wiring closet or other optical signal source through a The array cable includes a pulling grip for pulling the array cable over distances, through walls, ceilings, etc typically through a conduit.

Sep , To improve penetration of resin between glass reinforcement fibers during formation of a composite, U.S Patent No ,, discloses adhering particles of (Ed.), Handbook of Fillers and Plastics, at page , which are hereby incorporated by reference binder can include friction particles

Optical fiber generally includes a core a, a cladding b, and a coating c At the time of manufacture, cladding b is typically coated with one or more layers of coating c such as a UV curable acrylate polymer The buffer layer has a predetermined wall thickness t and generally surrounds optical fiber .

The Ecksteins expert concluded that the mold damage was caused by massive amounts of water which entered the house and destroyed walls and related Under this reading, the homeowners claimed the relevant exclusion barred coverage for expenses incurred to correct the faulty cladding, but not the amounts paid to