composite embankment stairs for external use

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Such foundation wall membranes are preferably manufactured with knobs which do not readily yield due to the outside forces from e.g backfilling Recently it has also become usual for such foundation wall membranes to be used as a vapour barrier for slab on ground, and NO patent application , corresponding to

The sleeve can be driven manually or by use of the hydraulic ram units a and b in the manner described herein An external drive system can be provided to drive the sleeve and then the piling into the ground until a predetermined resistance is encountered, after which the ram units a and b can be

Another object of the invention is to provide bracing means for said sidewall sheets which are arranged at horizontally spaced intervals around the exterior In the event the pool is an above ground type, appropriate forms are used to support the concrete which forms the deck and after the same has set, the form is

Tile nippers are used to break off small amounts of tile A handheld grinder with a diamond blade can also make curved cuts Using a dry grinder on tile produces a lot of dust, so work outside or in a well ventilated area and wear a mask or respirator A small, handheld wet saw also works well and doesn t generate dust.

The use of steel bracket connectors which attach to the top and bottom surfaces of projecting flange structures for attachment of auxiliary components was described in Apparatus for Connecting Floating Docks referenced above This use laid the groundwork for the adaptation of similar bracket type connectors elongated to

As used herein, the term building units or units refers to a bricks, blocks, stones, tiles or other two or three dimensional objects that can be used in the construction of floors, walls, retaining walls, columns or other structures, including interior and exterior structures, and including load bearing and non load bearing

Apr , A water ride for water parks and amusement parks suitable for use in or near an adjacent body of water, comprising a ride surface adapted , at the top of the incline surface is an embankment which transitions into outside edge or sidewall , which maintains the flow of water on the ride surface.

Info Patent citations Non patent citations Cited by () Legal events Similar documents Priority and Related Applications External links USPTO The present invention relates to a fuel cell separator material on which Au or an Au alloy (a layer containing Au) is formed, a fuel cell separator using the same and a

illustrates a grid system for use in the slab or floor of a building according to embodiments of the present invention FIG illustrates a connector Connector could also be made of metal, composite, fiberglass or any other material that would provide a stable attachment point for other grid elements Bearing plate

Use Euclid s division lemma to show that the square of any positive integer is either of the form m or m for some integer m Question Use Euclid s division lemma to show that Explain why × × and × × × × × × are composite numbers Question There is a circular path around a sports

is an elevation view of a convex surface and a concave surface of adjacent structural units according to a twenty sixth embodiment including external As used herein the term complementary means that the two surfaces have substantially the same configuration such that a convex surface of one unit can be at least

A wall system for use on a vertical wall, such as a basement wall, is disclosed A drain conduit is positioned adjacent the In one embodiment of the invention, at least one vertical column is positioned adjacent the wall to support the wall from, for example, external hydraulic pressure DESCRIPTION OF THE D INGS.

The veneer panels of this invention may be comprised of any suitable material such as high strength concrete, polymers, composites, natural stone, metal, wood, glass, porcelain or a mineral aggregate in fiberglass High strength concrete (, psi and higher) used in the making of the veneer panel may be compacted

Landscaping and Deck Lattice Improvement Projects Landscape and Lattice Projects Using panty hose filled with soil to anchor plants on a hill Anchoring Plants on a Hillside Landscape plans for Kuppersmith Project house Kuppersmith Landscaping Plan Erosion Control

The construction of convention centers, arenas, office buildings, and other major structures normally uses deck panels assembled in a side by side and or The method includes the steps of providing a deck panel assembly , as previously described, and removing the intermediate section from between the first