anti termite plastic wall panel in uk

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Jul , Using an inkjet printer, they printed radio frequency components and circuits onto paper and flexible plastic The printed antennas receive a wide range of frequencies MHz to GHz (that is, all the way from FM radio to radar) The researchers installed the antennas in miniature devices that collect

Dec , A massive colony of these bad hair day shellfish, called flame shells, has been discovered off the coast of Scotland Its inhabitants are thought to number over million, making it possibly the largest grouping of flame shells in the world The critters are a species of saltwater clam (Limaria hians), named

Apr , influence in the final solution to the mosquito problem More disturbingly, Commissioner Sweet ignored the advice of the former Public Health Director and did not choose the Director s recommendations for the committee, instead opting for a more politically correct panel as a way to placate The Service.

Apr , Developed by IBM (yes, that IBM), but tested at the Singapore Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, the nanoparticles are made of bits of polycarbonate plastic that are amphilic with one part that s attracted to water (hydrophilic), and another that s attracted to fats (hydrophobic) This means when

Apr , Now, publishing in the New England Journal of Medicine, scientists have sequenced the genome of a rare leprosy strain found in a Texas armadillo, compared with the strains in human patients, and found them to be the samevery good proof that the disease is passing back and forth between these

Oct , Says addiction researcher Linda Gowing The use of implants provides a degree of flexibility for clients, while also maintaining medication with minimal risk of misuse. [Science News] The drug is mixed with a plastic polymer, ethylene vinyl acetate commonly found in hot glue gun glue and is implanted

This potentially life saving self defense tool is made from a high impact plastic, giving your foot strikes a more powerful but non lethal blow Check it out Perfect for defending your electricity dependent alarm system, this defense system takes a proactive approach by filling up the electrical panel with blinding pepper spray.

Mar , The ancient gene sequences were strikingly similar to those of modern mice found in UK and Norway, as well as to modern Icelandic mice, suggesting a common origin in either the UK or Norway The low genetic diversity in Iceland, to boot, suggests recent colonization by a small number of stowaway mice

Nov , Elon Musk was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement after the official shareholders meeting approving the merger of Tesla Motors and SolarCity ended Before the That is partly because of the tiny plastic micro louvers built into them that make for a uniform appearance from below unknown .

Mar , The first study in the UK compared bumble bee colonies that researchers had exposed to varying levels of neonicotoinoids over days (Colony collapse disorder refers I have personally experienced a bee hive behind the chimney in the wall of my house I am convinced that bees take off with an

Jul , In a change from the usual environmental mentality, we amp d have absolutely no interest in doing it sustainably Graham years ago Signal crayfish are not just a problem in the US, the abound in the rivers and lakes of Southern UK and are damaging the environment and certainly having a negative

Jul , For many people, organ donation is an opportunity to use their own death to extend another person s life Hearts and lungs can be transplanted directly into another patient, while other tissues are first processed into medical products such as bone screws and skin grafts But while repurposing human

Oct , We don t know whether being left alone is more likely to make a dog pessimistic, or whether being pessimistic is more likely to make a dog anxious when left alone. [The Independent] The UK s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals funded the study the group hopes to learn why some dogs

Jul , Israeli company Tikun Olam (Hebrew for healing the world) grows medical marijuana, and has been breeding their crop to reduce the levels of psychoactive THC while maintaining the anti inflammatory cannabidiol Their work culminated in Avidekel, a marijuana breed containing percent cannabidiol

Dec , Mitragotri s team of researchers experimented with hemoglobin and the anti blood clotting drug heparin the synthetic cells could soak up either one and release it later The lab created cells could use that beats U.K Aims to Create Unlimited Supply of Blood from Stem Cells Image Nishit Doshi.

Mar , Some of the strongest tidal currents in the world race around UK shores and there s some of the highest energy in the waves that roll in from the Atlantic And while wave power is, to an extent, dependent on the weather, tidal power has the tremendous advantage of being totally predictable [Channel ].

Jun , She really has connected with the crow culture And for anyone doubting the great ape depth of memory, intelligence and social networking that crows have enculturated for themselves despite having a brain th the size of a human, take a look at this paper from Oxford http zo.