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Feb , Tailor designed umbrellas of any shape from x to by m, with pure PTFE fabric The advantage of the natural color pure PTFE fabric is that with LED lig

Mar , Make your garden, patio or balcony feel like your own whether or not you own the place with a few simple, low commitment gardening strategies Create a lush patio garden entirely in containers, take advantage of movable outdoor seating and planting boxes, work with your landlord and more.

Oct , Built by Proyecto C in Florida, Argentina with date Images by Gustavo Sosa Pinilla In a typical site .m x m, the challenge was to design a home with an extensive program of needs on only two floo

This step by step diy project is about how to build a swing stand plans This garden project features detailed instructions regarding the construction of a basic swing stand Don t forget to take a look over this article and this article, in order to see how to build the swing bench This stand has the great advantage that you don t

Nov , Thanks HomeRight for sponsoring this post! We have had a string of mild days in a row, and I am scrambling to take advantage of them before the cold weather comes back! My poor front porch, back porch, and back patio are in sad, embarrassing shape This summer, we painted the exterior of our home

Having a wall leaning or attached pergola it s an easier way to add more area to your house, taking advantage of the existing structure of your house Since you will be taking as a base one side of the house, this decreases the materials needed to build it and helps the building process to be faster Want a free pergola plan

Feb , Apollo Architects Associates modern Pergola House in Japan unifies its indoor and outdoor space with a slatted trellis roof Uniquely, the home s bedrooms are located on the ground floor, allowing for each to take advantage to their connection to the outdoor space The living areas are upstairs, lined

Jun , Garden design with a pergola or gazebo is more functional, beautiful and comfortable Here are some summer projects to keep you cooler on even the hottest of days Creative and attractive pergolas and gazebos have many advantages You can add a unique element to your outdoor space by building a

To take advantage of the south facing exposure, Weil and Friedman added an open porch and a pergola that provides distinction and a splash of shade while still inviting sun into the front rooms It extends the concept of the front entry and makes it larger than the door itself, says Weil It also enlarges the house without

Feb , All the villas offer a gorgeous rooftop terrace to enjoy the views of the jungle, and a pergola that provides a shaded lounge area These villas are equipped to install solar panels Take advantage of the sunny days of the Riviera Maya to lower your electricity bills! yaxiik Take advantage of the specials!

Mar , Insofar as I am aware, all existing pergola systems are so difficult to assemble that most residential home owners cannot install them in an affordable, efficient manner without professional help BACKGROUND ADVANTAGES Accordingly, several advantages of one or more aspects are (a) to provide an

Nov , When considering how to carve out more privacy in your yard, look for ways you can use plants, pergolas, awnings and free standing walls to screen views and muffle noise for mutual benefit Here are ideas to get you started Contemporary Patio by ODS Architecture ODS Architecture Translucent

Jul , One big advantage to growing stberries this way is the fruit will not be munched on by as many critters You can never entirely escape garden pests (we all get hungry, right ), of course, but you can certainly do things to make it harder for them to steal your harvest I have rabbits that seem to like to take

Jun , Purpose To create a relaxing outdoor space for a retired couple that took advantage of their home s limited outdoor space The property is on a busy street, so it was Pergola cover The custom shade structure is composed of cables and four pieces of Sunbrella fabric Each fabric piece is feet (

Nov , Some of these traditions came from a time when they afforded real practical benefits, and not just because people decided to do whatever a book told them to do So taking care of his needs and keeping him healthy rather than making him bust his ass to build a pergola is in a woman s best interest.

These two stylish sweeties tied the knot, barefoot on the beach, under a beautiful handmade pergola DNA Photographers captured all the Post ceremony, the two spent some time with photographers Desmond and Antonia, taking full advantage of the beautiful beach backdrop Dunes, rocks, and blue, blue sky We re

Mar , To inspire your own modern rooftop deck transformation, here are examples of rooftop spaces that are always ready for outdoor entertaining.

Jul , I had an old wood storage structure in my backyard that I recreated into a sweet little sitting area!

Dec , lighting in pergola To illuminate your steel structure and curved frames, give it a variation of different types and colours Make use of bulbs to skillfully use it to your advantage and set off a design and give it a picturesque effect Classic clear bulbs Nothing spells out beauty the way classic light bulbs do!

Nov , The debate over whether you should be brushing or spraying paint continues, but there is a best practice that may make your decision easier.

Apr , Having a beautiful garden is not only for big spaces landscape designer can take advantage of every corner of your backyard and make a wonderful place full of life and style COVER For today, we gather a great collection of Pergola Design Ideas To Design Your Perfect Wooden Pergola.

Dec , Taking advantage of this difference, the box that forms the intimate sector of the house rests on one side on the ground while on the other side it is The apparent concrete was used in all the slabs, both in the rooms and in the bedrooms, in the pergola on the balcony, on the living room and lavabo walls,

Romanesque style front porch with tiled roof Southern California folks tend to design porches to take advantage of almost perfect weather year round We found many front porches with pergola style roof designs like these below Rancho Palos Verde front porch with tiled roof and romanesque style columns

With a choice of two great outdoor locations for a ceremony though it would have to be bucketing down not take advantage of either the waterfall or pergola We had a tonne of time with Hayley and Chris for some fantastic wedding photos around the acres of beautiful gardens that the Chateau calls home An image that

May , But you don t need a villa in Tuscany or a place in Provence to enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean garden You ll need a climber for growing over the pergola a grapevine makes the ideal scene setter or in a really hot, sunny spot south of Watford, try campsis, the exotic trumpet vine, which has huge,

Mar , Advantages of Deeper Ponds Fish will grow only in relation to how big the space is that they re in In shallow water a koi fish, which can reach feet in length, won t reach its full potential, as it would in a foot deep pond Fish tend to get sicker in small ponds, because they re swimming around in water with

Apr , paved area under the pergola, plus the extended patio area The backyard is feet ( meters) long and an average of feet ( meters) wide Purpose The covered dining area between the existing fireplace and home enables the homeowners to take advantage of Seattle s mostly mild climate on