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Apr , The Chamber of Commerce and the tourist board are calling for harsher measures to improve what is euphemistically called the condition of the streets, But alongside those views are tent encampments on sidewalks and rag covered homeless people in front of some of the most expensive real estate in

Jan , Over that we vertically nailed live edge, board on board cedar siding The inside was stuffed with cotton insulation over which we stapled roughsawn spruce lath, over which we troweled sand clay st plaster, over which we skimmed a commercial earth plaster, over which we painted with milk paint.

Nov , The two fence and jostle across Foster Wallace s Infinite Jest book tour, like a fiercely competitive platonic version of Before Sunrise, and though they have very With a faultless English accent (is it any surprise ), Chastain makes for a tremendous Gothic villainess, sometimes coming across like a living

Dec , In this view of the world, electricity companies, without knowing it, and in conjunction with some basic crypto facts publicized first by Satoshi, started offering new assets for sale construction Some people wanted to buy those assets, and the process of doing so created these new carry able things, namely

Dec , If you think that empire was unique to capitalists then I have a neo gothic bridge to sell you Orhan I did try to find more info, but from what I could find it was photos of the new fence, the scenery, old photos and videos about the public versus private developments in general with regard to zoning and the

Apr , [By Sheppard in Geyserville, California] I recently contacted my long time friend Arminée Chahbazian with questions regarding how oak influences wine and we agreed to meet for lunch at Jimtown Store to discuss the subject Arminée happens to be the only American sales representative for

Aug , Good luck with the sales on that and thank you for your kind words about my coverage Without fully knowing all of the points you covered in your workshop, I really felt like sketch correspondence forces you to sketch faster with less time, less tools and less planning By George, I think I get it! Reply Delete.

Sep , If you can t tell, it s a tall wooden ice cream stand, shaped like a farmer s milk can Buildings like these that illustrate what they sell are called novelty architecture or, roadside vernacular architecture This one, like the roadway it watches, were built in an earlier era, when automobiles were first growing in

Nov , This arrangement was producing nicely, but the wooden frames around the beds were showing signs of rot they were not made of chemically treated lumber and I began to get annoyed with mowing the grass paths arugula may The perennials were getting pretty well established Here s the

Aug , The Economist has a lengthy and very informative article on this, here is one bit Another candidate to be the first ZEDE is a public private partnership with Canadian investors to create an energy district in Olancho department, where wood would []

Nov , Grander homes have much more elaborate molding with decorative details, including ornate coving and ceiling medallions, designed to catch the smoke rising from gaslights You can have different grades of fireplace, different levels of cornicing different levels of embellishment across the board, says

May , Over an extended weekend holiday, I visited lovely Jordan I was caught between capturing photographs versus d ing on location I juggled between the two! The landscape of Jordan is over rolling hills which allows for viewing sights at various levels This is something I haven t come across before and

Oct , DIABETES sufferers have to be careful what they eat, but adding sweet potatoes to their diet could help manage symptoms.

Mar , Following an unrewarding stint in sales and marketing Len launched himself as a photographer over years ago and subsequently added writing and sketching to his repertoire He s a keen member of the Manchester Urban Sketchers and has taught on the Urban Sketchers Symposium and at local

Jun , Last week Erica Szuplat contacted me via Flickr letting me know that she was running a Sketch C l in Falmouth, MA a town at the base of beautiful Cape Cod I was excited to finally meet some local sketchers and to visit this town for the first time so I drove down about an hour to join the group.

Oct , If you re on the fence about buying a steamer just remember that these are pretty amazing when it comes to removing wallpaper, and it can also be used to take wrinkles out of No matter what I ll at least put a board in the bottom on which to sit things so it doesn t just sit in the water while being steamed.

Cat on a Fence post, witch in the moon chosts hover softly, halloween soon! rusty fischer Hello and thanks for joining us for the third week of the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party and Friday Features! This is a favorite Halloween look from a few years ago It s my take on a French Gothic Halloween style.

With new titles added periodically, we have an excellent selection of crazy and strange titles for sale by our booksellers, about every oddball aspect of life you could possibly imagine (and a few things you couldn t) Some of by the Banana Control Board Paint It Black A Guide to Gothic Homemaking by Francois Voltaire

Aug , [by Róisín Curé in Nice, France] My parents bought an apartment in Nice ten years ago so that they could escape the dreary Irish winter They ve done this in admirable style since then my mother brought impeccable taste to the apartment, furnishing it just as it should have been Over the last decade, I ve

May , Suhita Shirodkar in Goa, India The market in Panjim, Goa is a huge indoor area divided into many sections This is the flower section of the market These stalls sell garlands used either in worship or to adorn just about anything a woman s hair, the doorway of a home, a vehicle The guy on the left pulls

Dec , Today Lindsay is visiting her parents, to pick up some boxes with personal stuff, before Guido and Marina will move to a neighbouring village They had to sell their house because of the plans of the port of Antwerp, which wants to destroy the whole village to create a new dock.

Dec , This woman went behind James Baldwin s family s back and attempted to contact Toni Morrison (who is a family member) as well as others who run the estate to put HER (Toni) on the board of this foundation while simultaneously shutting out others from the discussion Please, do not support or share this

Delroy Edwards is an underground music hero with an above board approach to his business Delroy Edwards knew he d never play a glitzy The Gene s Liquor site uses a gothic English script from bootlegged gangsta rap T shirts, and the crew admits their tastes can be alienating One LACR release is a three minutes of

Nov , The architects designed a low structure of rough faced limestone melding Norman and Gothic elements plans for a parsonage or manse for the Fourth Presbyterian Church, on West End avenue, were filed by Jardine, Kent Jardine, as reported in the Real Estate Record Builders Guide on May .