b1 fireproof sandwich wall material

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Sep , A sandwich panel including a core material sandwiched between plate members, and an insert member locally replacing the core and having a profile so as to intermesh with an appropriately profiled member on the unit to which it to be connected as well as a method of connecting sandwich panels by

Aug , Extruded polystyrene foam insulation laminates for pour in place concrete walls US B Abstract By using a thermal insulation foam film laminate wherein each major planar surface of a foam panel has a facer film bonded thereto that meets certain performance criteria rather than a foam panel by

Apr , US B Abstract An improved acoustical floor ceiling, or wall assembly affixed to a support structure, the assembly using laminar panels A first one of the laminar panels includes a constraining layer of material with a layer viscoelastic glue on the constraining layer and a layer of material of a first

Feb , In an important aspect of the invention, a roof assembly or panel is formed in a horizontal plane or mold and wall panels are arranged in juxtaposition and A still further object of this invention is to provide universal application of the system to structural panels other than concrete, such as metal, sandwich,

Nov , Energy efficient building construction US B Abstract A cost effective and energy efficient system and method for building construction, such as for residential dwellings and the like, uses dual wall building envelope system having outer walls and corresponding partition walls spaced outwardly

Nov , US B Abstract The present invention relates to a system for managing the heat from a heat source like an electronic component In addition to flexibility, the graphite material, as noted above, has also been found to possess a high degree of anisotropy with respect to thermal conductivity,

Apr , US B Abstract The present disclosure provides a corrugated concrete wall panel form and a method of constructing a prefabricated concrete wall panel thereof The method comprises the steps of placing a layer of insulation boards horizontally on a flat surface on site or in pre cast plant laying

Aug , US B Abstract A heat and fire resistant system, comprising at least one layer of an intumescent coating applied on at least one surface of a foam Plastic foam can be used in many construction applications, including flat and pitched roofs, wall cavities, floors, internal linings, composite decks,

Jul , US B Abstract A personal artificial transpiration cooling system having a transpiration surface with a substrate, a transpiration membrane layer which is , and entitled Lightweight Sandwich Panel Heat Pipe, the disclosure of which is hereby incorporated herein by this reference.

Jun , US B Abstract In one embodiment of the present invention, an oven having a flexible and retractable door is described The oven door is adapted side of the plurality of closed sides when in the open position, and the oven door substantially covering the open side when in the closed position .

Mar , US B Abstract A reinforced plastic pallet is disclosed The pallet is characterized in that it is formed of an upper deck, a lower deck, and a) an upper deck formed of a plastic material having a first coefficient of thermal expansion, the upper deck having an upper surface, a lower surface, a front

A radiation protective compound is preferably created by mixing a radiopaque material, such as barium, bismuth, tungsten or their compounds, with powdered polymer, pelletized polymer or a liquid solution, emulsion or suspension of a ,, B on Oct , , which was a continuation in part of application Ser No.

Apr , Humidity or temperature auto actuated bi material valves are used to control this air moisture heat flow to achieve a controlled comfortable US B Abstract The lack of air flow under body armor, helmets, and thick garments can lead to excessive moisture build up and discomfort on the wearers

Feb , A system according to any preceding claim, characterized in that each gap covering section element () has a reflecting outer surface at a ° closed corner gap provided with a double gap covering slate element Figure is a horizontal sectional view at a gap on a lateral wall of a glazed facade

Jul , US B Abstract Precast insulated concrete wall panels are made by pouring a first concrete layer into a form An insulation layer is then supported The wall panel of claim wherein at least one of the concrete layers has a contoured edge adapted to matingly engage with a corresponding