diy basement panels

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Oct , Option Buy a vented stand alone system pellet stove in the corner on a tile hearth Note, you have to build a stone or concrete hearth below the stove It cannot sit on vinyl or carpet What I mean by that is, don t tap into your HVAC, instead buy something like a Pellet Stove Here are some happy pellet

Apr , My husband did this in his mancave We have a half under basement so he put it about halfway up the walls to cover the concrete part of the walls, then topped that off with a drinking ledge (his term and reasoning for not bringing the dry walled top of the wall all the way out to meet the bottom concrete part).

Feb , This system proved to be quite torturous to build, but it was because of plain old physical challenges rather than anything technical or mental The problem is that to install However, it would be much easier if you installed it in an unfinished basement instead of a c lspace Also, recruiting as many

May , Framing You build the frames of the walls of your rooms out of wood, typically by s There are about key concepts that you ll have to learn but after that it s just rinse a repeat Electrical Yes, you can do you own electrical This is one of the more expensive parts of finishing your basement but if you

Apr , How to Update Wood Paneling Tips from crafters on giving your wood paneling a Do you have some wood It will look like wall paper We painted our basement paneling and it looks fabulous! in the comments below! Post your Craft DIY Related questions on our Facebook Page and get answers!

Reader Questions How to handle dark wood paneling It s been a while since we ve done a reader questions post, but I LOVE em, and here s why every time I post, you guys just spew brilliance and hilarity all over the comments section, so I know y all are little decorating geniuses and these posts are my favorite way to

Jan , So far with our basement renovation, I introduced you to DRIcore subfloor, then showed you how the subfloor looked after we installed it After the DRIcore subfloor was installed, we were ready to put up the DRIcore SMARTWALL panel system, and that s where I last left you on our basement journey.

Feb , I get asked a lot, what types of wood I use to build a cabinet base, cabinet door, trim, furniture and the list goes on Craft projects, DIY signs where you desire defects to the wood for character I mainly use it for any shelving that doesn t need to look pretty and perfect like basement storage shelving.

Nov , What I m looking for is a video to show me how to build a removable insulated wall I like how cold the unfinished walls get in the summertime Yes I want to remove the drywall, studs and insulation in June every year If anyone has a video like that CASH ME IN DA BASEMENT HOW BOUT DAT .

Jan , If you re hiring a drywall crew to do the walls anyway (which I highly recommend) then it s not a much more to have them do the ceiling as well In newer houses especially, I think this is obvious, but you never know, make sure the window is shut and locked before you build over it Good Luck! Jason.

Feb , And one of these experimental projects is to build my own radiant under floor heating system If you have never heard about this, you ll want to tune in The dominant heating method in the US right now is the forced air furnace a big box in your basement that blows air (and dust) through a huge network of

Aug , Once the basement was finished, the former playroom then became a dedicated guest room Eclectic Staircase by No Design No Design The small stairway leading up to the main floor also had a cavernous feel when we moved in Now vertical white paneling gives the illusion of height More Ideas

May , Painted Basement Ceilings Paint is perhaps the easiest idea ever, just paint your ceiling or first cover it with some panels and then paint Panels will also help your to add lights to the basement you may create ay patterns and looks with paint Such a ceiling is perfect for home offices, cinemas, gyms and

Apr , We re following Steve as he and his crew remodel an unfinished basement For any of For this install, Steve s crew is using USG Ultralight panels because they are easier to work with overhead The guys needed to cut the drywall at switches, receptacles, around corners, along walls, and more.

Apr , Drop ceiling tiles come in flush mounts (the tiles are even with the T s) or with reveals (tiles sit slightly below T s) Personally I think the reveals provide a nice aesthetic touch Wire and Wire Hanging Eyelets The eyelets are screwed to the floor joists and the wire is looped through the eyelet and the wholes