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Mar , They spent seven months tearing down walls, laying concrete floors and reconfiguring the interior, converting it into a unique triplex The coffee table in the living area originally had a laminate top, but Mark contacted glass worker Norman Foxworth of Dependable Glass Works in Covington to build a

Aug , Indonesian architects Budi Pradono have designed a leaning house for Jakarta with a tree growing inside Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono Though the walls of the house are to be angled, the floors will remain level and will project into balconies on the exterior Rumah Miring by Budi Pradono The house

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Born in Austria, raised in Africa, lived in Indonesia Australia, studied in the US is exploring the world @cookiesound February , India The view from the balcony of the Alka Hotel in Varanasi, India The view from the balcony of the Alka Hotel in Varanasi will give you several amazing photo opportunities.

Sep , When it comes to a wide variety of weatherproof garden furniture, Seasons Outdoor is a brand worth checking out Come and visit them at the Located in the Netherlands, near the German border, Seasons Outdoors has had a strong connection with Indonesia since the early s It began with the

Aug , The lobby is modest by comparison, though still nicely decorated, with lots of wood finishes Hyatt_Regency_Nice Lobby The plastic partitions between rooms seemed a bit cheap, though, since you could look straight through them Hyatt_Regency_Nice Balcony Hyatt_Regency_Nice Balcony.

Jun , As far as I can tell the only difference is that the Deluxe rooms are on the ground floor and open out onto a private patio with lounge chairs Superior rooms are up one level and have what looks like an enclosed balcony but you can t get outside TamboDelInka Above, our room Below, our patio.

Oct , Set on a seemingly an old heritage house with its ground floor transformed into a restaurant, Roemah Nenek serves Indonesian and International comfort food for travelers looking for a more classic vibe to go with their meals Its name literally means Grandmother s Home, and its interiors pretty much looks