flooring for enclosed porch

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Dec , I set up a mini hot chocolate bar with white chocolate covered pretzel cookies and peppermint pretzel sticks They go well with the Google KDAT porch flooring and you can read all about it Thanks We have a small enclosed porch, but it is not heated so we cannot use it in the winter ~boo! Susan, you

The right porch paint can lower your overall costs, minimize your porch repairs, and simultaneously increase your curb appeal Porch painting can be creative, too! We have ideas to inspire you.

Apr , As for floor plates, I m not sure what you mean by that as I don t know what floor plates are My curtains go around the three walls of the screened porch which means I have two corners where I used decorative brackets to help support the pipe and keep it from potentially sagging I hope this is helpful to you.

Here we go Part one of our floor finishing series Buckle up! It s going to be a messy ride Ok, so I thought about doing everything in one big post, but I think breaking it down will be a little better As many of you know we put inch pine plank boards throughout a majority of the lower level of our farmhouse that I blogged

Apr , The floor slopes down, as sometime over the last years this space was an open air porch Trying to lay out furniture This was such a great solution because it covered up some damage that had happened to the embossed tiles due to some bad curtain rod installation (not my fault) I caulked the ledges