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Sep , According to this exemplary embodiment, a SEE imaging light can be transmitted through a central core, and an innermost cladding will guide high power nm light for vascular A three dimensional image of the parietal peritoneal wall, obtained with the SEE apparatus probe in vivo, is shown in FIG.

EC Building elements of relatively thin form for the construction of parts of buildings, e.g sheet materials, slabs, or panels characterised by specified materials of concrete or Thermal fire insulation and low thermal shrinkage to provide resistance to the progression of heat and fire through building walls and ceilings,.

The cladding layers have opposite conductivity types and when current is passed through the structure, electrons and holes combine in the active layer to of microns, a window aperture (w) of microns, a series resistance (R) of ohms or less, and a wavelength () of nm at room temperature ( degrees C.) .

A pattern of light extracting deformities, or any change in the shape or geometry of the panel surface, and or a coating that causes a portion of the light to be emitted, may be provided on one or both sides of the panel members A variable pattern of deformities may break up the light rays such that the internal angle of

Apr , Jenny says Of all the steamers I tried, this was the quickest to assemble and fill, thanks to the removable tank It stands up on its own when not in use, has an anti limescale cartridge for hard water, and a fold down handle for easy storage The cord isn t as long as some models, but the buttons were easy to

Temporary connections to spring contact elements extending from an electronic component such as a semiconductor device are made by urging the electronic component, consequently the ends of the spring contact elements, vertically against terminals of an interconnection substrate, or by horizontally urging terminals of

Feb , The video mirror system of claim , wherein said DC to DC conversion circuitry comprises at least one of (a) an internal temperature compensated reference, (b) a comparator, (c) a controlled duty cycle oscillator, (d) a controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, (e) an active current limit

May , A and illustrates an example embodiment wherein a first wireline cable connects the transponder to a wall outlet, and a second wireline cable connects the US, Oct , , May , , Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Distributed indoor digital multiple access cellular telephone system.

a material according to one or more of claim to characterized further in that the Mg and Ga is evaporated at surface temperatures in the range of ° to and or intermetallic phase as ball mill container material and or ball mill container inner wall material and or milling ball material, in particular tantalum, and or.

Sep , Vaporized Metals Extraction Chalcogel or other vacuum filters can be mounted to exterior reactor walls with internal reactor filtration extraction ports The extraction ports are located at various ascending temperature levels within the reactor so it allows for precision extraction of vaporized metals at their

A typical optical fiber includes an inner core surrounded by a cladding that is covered by a coating Buffers (e.g loose or tight buffer tubes) typically function to surround and protect coated optical fibers Strength layers add mechanical strength to fiber optic cables to protect the internal optical fibers against stresses applied

The TSOD filter is energy efficient as it can be used to regulate the internal temperature and illumination of buildings, vehicles, and other structures without the need The TSOD filter has unique aesthetic and optical properties not found in traditional windows, skylights, stained glass, light fixtures, glass blocks, bricks, or walls.

The selection can be based on measurements of the signal to noise ratio of the wires, or based on determined weather environmental conditions (e.g The modem , which can be internal or external and a wired or wireless device, can be connected to the system bus via the input device interface .

In other modes of operation, the re entry into such a test mode can be triggered by a degradation of performance due to a disturbance, weather conditions, etc The noise sensor d can compare the measured noise to a noise profile obtained by the waveguide system from an internal database of noise profiles

Nov , For example in ophthalmic uses, only a certain number of milliwatts of power is tolerable before thermal damage can occur US, May , , Apr , , Olympus Optical Co Ltd Examined body interior information observing apparatus by using photo pulses controlling gains for depths.

Jan , The system works by using a normal internal combustion engine, special hydraulics and an adapted gearbox along with compressed air cylinders that store and release energy This enables it to run on petrol or air, or a combination of the two Air power would be used solely for city use, automatically

Mar , The system of claim , wherein the storage device is configured to hold instructions executable by the processor to control the internal application based As the wearer of the eyepiece passes the wall or touches the wall, advertising may be launched either in the eyepiece or on a video panel of the wall.

Aug , Vaporized Metals Extraction Chalcogel or other vacuum filters can be mounted to exterior reactor walls with internal reactor filtration extraction ports The extraction ports are located at various ascending temperature levels within the reactor so it allows for precision extraction of vaporized metals at their

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Thermal transfer can further be enhanced by copper cladding on both sides of the PC board, copper clad through holes and or thermally conductive adhesives or materials disposed The open interior of the linear parabolic reflector permits the radial and axial light from adjacent LEDs to overlap as illustrated in FIG .

May , tamassociati s pediatric center nyala in south darfur, sudan uses traditional building techniques to provide quality medical care to the war torn region.

Jun , This disclosure concerns an interactive head mounted eyepiece with an integrated processor for handling content for display and an integrated image source for introducing the content to an optical assembly through which the user views a surrounding environment and the displayed content The optical