decking retaining wall

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Apr , The wooden retaining walls were starting to fail, and the foundation was showing signs of sinking Mediterranean Exterior Mediterranean Exterior AFTER The yard was dug out and the landscaping replaced with new drought tolerant plantings The foundation was ripped out and replaced The stucco was

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Apr , Beach Style Landscape by Robert Young Architects Robert Young Architects Perhaps this example isn t a true ha ha most would consider it a retaining wall But it does give us a good idea how the true ha ha works from the lower side, the wall ceates a secure barrier unseen from the open garden above.

A monolithic sealing load bearing retaining wall is constructed using precast concrete bin type modules stacked in rows Each module has a ,,, VIDAL presents an improvement in which the vertical load of the deck of the bridge is supported independently of the earth mass, which absorbs any horizontal forces.

Jul , There are some things that we d like to add when we have the budget for them (like capstones for the wall, a deck above and more landscaping), but for now this The retaining wall on the left was a bit of an expensive feature, but we saved a little money by installing it ourselves and saving purchasing the

May , More slatted walls provide privacy from the neighbors A bit of grading and a small retaining wall offer a level area just off the deck Modern Porch by Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC One of the homeowners is a veterinarian and knew the kind of havoc raccoons can wreak on a

Dec , This invention relates to a combination precast concrete traffic barrier element and a precast C shaped retaining wall, and a method of constructing a traffic barrier U shaped deck reinforcing bars are cast within the concrete deck and extend upwardly within each section of the outwardly flaring voids.

Aug , finished pool and pool deck rainy day Next up in my discussion of plans, the retaining walls and staircases to the lower yard This aerial photograph was taken by my client, after the basic installation of the pool, and during the construction of the stone retaining walls last winter The retaining wall to the

Jun , bridge Abutments can be designed and imported from Inventor and used as a style in the Bridge Design module The deck transparency function hides the deck of the bridge in order to see the abutments and underside of the bridge in more detail The abutments can also be edited to make a retaining wall.

Apr , Dry stack construction has existed for centuries Terraced retaining walls built by the Incas at Machu Picchu are probably some of the most well known examples of this technique, dating back to the th century Not only have these walls endured harsh weather and centuries of use, but they ve survived