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Apr , Unfortunately this rarely leaves enough room for the batt insulation required to develop the appropriate R value Subsequently, the design of decks over habitable areas are delicate solutions and once good assemblies are figured out and d n up in the office, we tend to employ them as a standard

Aug , Wet Forget can be used on any outdoor surface including asphalt (black top), Astroturf, aluminum siding, awnings, brick pavers, composite decking, And that would be a shame because whatever product he insists that you use is likely to be expensiveand not nearly as effective, cheap and easy to use

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about decking and railing Over the life of your deck, those reduced maintenance costs add up to a greater value than wood not to mention the value of all the time you get to spend What is the difference between your good, better and best product lines

ground pool decks We ve taken what not only is standard and essential to the success of your building project, but also what we thought was the best Good Wood vs Bad Wood Wood for Decking Synthetic Decking Dealing with Joists, Posts Beams Chapter Tools for the Job Groundbreaking Tools.

I m on a hunt for the best flooring options for mobile homes! Flooring is the foundation of good interior design, protection from water and weather, and one of the quickest ways to update your home (though not the cheapest or easiest) Stone tile is fairly heavy but synthetic tile made to look like stone is much lighter.