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Jun , As chemical hazards go, a toxic garden hose is an easy fix These soaker hoses made from old rubber tires have nickel plating over the brass fittings to reduce the possibility of leaching lead The recycled plastic may have been originally used for a variety of purposes requiring such additives Until your

Jul , In , Starbucks Coffee Company launched its Grounds for Your Garden campaign, which offers customers a complimentary five pound bag of used coffee grounds for In an effort to reduce landfill waste and its environmental impact from coffee cups, the company has numerous recycling goals in place.

Examples of the solid waste materials include wood, paper, plastic, broken furniture, glass, grounded cars, obsolete electronic products, and hospital and market waste Because most of these The primary environmental problem arising because of landfills is groundwater contamination from leaches There are several

Jan , Here are my biggest mistakes, starting with the big one Failing to consider persistent herbicides in composted manure Ironically, I speak around the country warning people of the very thing I was guilty of doing myself When you put composted manure in your garden that contains persistent herbicides,

Sep , Whether a PVC product ends up in an incinerator, landfill, or recycling center at the end of its lifespan, PVC is bad news Many PVC additives, including phthalates and heavy metals such as lead, slowly leach out of PVC plastics over time when placed in a landfill (many of which are unlined), eventually

Aug , Each ice pack is made from non toxic recycled plastic bottles and will keep your lunch or pumped milk cold for hours, depending on the outside temperature They fit perfectly on the bottom extra liquid gold for later use This patented product is BPA free and has tested negative for chemical leaching.

Nov , There were fairly easy substitutes for polycarbonate bottles, either stainless steel or new BPA free plastics Replacing it in cans is not so simple But the EPA is no longer taking its orders from the American Chemistry Council, and according to the Los Angeles Times, a review of existing evidence about

Jul , Brazilian design studio Rosenbaum collaborates with TV show Caldeirao do Huck in a segment called Lar doce lar (Home Sweet Home), which helps families in need re designing their homes to improve their lives and self esteem.

Feb , If you are not lucky enough to have jars of preserved tomatoes from your summer garden harvest, the BPA in the cans lining could be doing damage But what is Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound used to make polycarbonate plastic food storage containers, water and baby bottles It is prized for

Mar , Recycling and landfill waste aside, M amp S plastic bottles are percent lighter than the glass bottles and use less energy to manufacture The lightweight bottle Using landscape edging accentuates each area and defines the shape and form of the overall design of the garden A wide range of materials is

Apr , Recycled HDPE plastic is resistant to cracking or chipping, even in extreme weather, hot or cold Stable Does not leach Because HDPE is a stable material it does not leach any chemicals, toxic or otherwise, into the soil within the garden bed Also, the boards do not shrink, twist or warp over time.

Jun , But recycling is only one way to keep plastic food storage bags out of landfills and waterways Read on to learn ways to reuse or recycle your plastic storage bags to reduce your plastic landfill footprint These pieces can absorb toxins which leach into our soil, water and can be digested by animals.

Feb , The owners of Metropolis Farms grow fresh produce year around in a small warehouse in South Philly The smell of basil fills the room as produce is grown sustainably with recycled water, special lights and coconut board The second floor, vertical farm yields as much produce as an immense outdoor farm.

Aug , Remember, the base for plastics are formed from chemicals that originate in distilled crude oil and plastic polymers are composed of tens of thousands of monomers (i.e ethylene and propylene) that are chemically linked to one another, so it s no wonder that chemicals leached from, and are absorbed by,

Jun , Last month, at a vast composting yard owned by a Northern California waste and recycling company, Recology, I watched a load of lawn and food scraps from San Francisco Federal laws do not require compost to be screened for contaminants, of which plastic and glass are only the most visible.

Mar , You re ready to start your first organic gardening project so you plant seeds, water, and weed But as you keep watering and weed a little more, you start getting nervous that that s not enough A few weeks later, your plants are overrun with pests and start dying So you panic, dump fertilizer on top, and

Mar , Cons They are plastic and look like plastic unless very high quality in many areas they can t be recycled if any color other than black Fiberglass containers Pros Fiberglass containers are strong, durable, and more colorfast than plastic they come in a variety of shapes and colors they can be made to look

Aug , Safe materials Glass and paper have no known health risks, some metals are rated very safe non leaching (stainless steel, for example), and plastic should be number , or Other recycle numbers have been proven to leach into food All plastic should be seen as questionable, however, because we

Dec , New evidence that PET drink bottles can leach substances into the contents that mimic the sex hormone estrogen phthalates and antimony has put PET bottles in the crosshairs of scientists worried about their health safety.

Apr , Through my research, I found out that, unlike other garden fixtures using PVC pipes and other toxic materials, the Tower Gardens use a special plastic preventing them from leaching any chemicals They use virgin ABS plastic (not made from any recycled plastic), are BPA free, UV stable, naturally opaque,

Jan , Bonny apparently makes the buckets out of recycled plastic which makes them more appealing to me I ve found them at Walmart and Big Lots, and I suspect they re available at other department and garden stores as well If you decide to try some of these flexible plastic buckets in your kitchen garden,

Dec , Knowing which plastics are safe for the garden is key to making sure you don t use harmful materials that leach chemicals into your food It s one of the most commonly recycled plastics and is almost exclusively used for single use items since it can break down when exposed for long periods of time to