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Jul , An improved acoustical damping wall (ceiling or floor) or door material comprises a laminar structure having as an integral part thereof one or more layers of Structure as in claim , wherein the two or more internal layers of glue comprise a viscoelastic material capable of absorbing sound and vibration.

Dec , ) Install first layer of MuteX over the existing wall, ) install a wood frame of x or x construction, installed to local building code, ) installation of a second layer of I am afraid, to get a really good level of sound proofing for your case will involve more than simply applying mass loaded vinyl to one wall.

Aug , An acoustical panel construction useful as a suspended ceiling tile having a rectangular shape bounded by edges and establishing a face area An acoustical panel as set forth in claim , wherein the apertures are round, coaxial holes in the face and interior walls parallel or near parallel to said face .

May , The sound absorbing panels and door include a sound absorbing material in their interiors Heretofore modular acoustical enclosures usually require connector elements of various shapes and complexity for locking the acoustical panels together so as to form the desired wall assembly U.S Pat Nos.

Dec , Acoustic Foam (How to Soundproof Existing Walls, Windows, Ceilings) For floating flooring, any soundproof material can be used between sub floor and floating floor Acoustic foam is one of them and has much better quality In other hand, for floors constructed by tiles and concrete we can use acoustic

Aug , In this third article on soundproofing churches, we consider how to alter the fabric of the building considering sound absorbers, diffusers and reverb Essentially a diffuser is a complex surface this could be cylindrical tubes cut in half and attached to a wall, or even a piece of carpet that has been rippled