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Sep , A new coating lets solar panels cool themselves while producing even more energy vonborks years ago Prior the Industrial revolution CO levels were in the minus range and farming was a dawn to dark back breaking chore, low yields and insects left little extra to sell Fortunately and for

Apr , The disclosed panel is well suited for industrial wall coverings, partitions, ceilings, electric conduit liners, air conditioning duct covering oil, flammable goods storage, fire doors, fire exits, fire separation barriers for factories, warehouses, electric sub stations, noise silencers and the like In particular, the

Jul , Google Pixel smartphone against wall A new Pixel and Pixel XL leak comes courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks fame and MySmartPrice (if those two names sound familiar, it s because they collaborated on the LG V leak that came out earlier in the month) As before, Hemmerstoffer claims

Oct , But researchers say better data could help reveal patterns in these tragedies, or indicate whether some industries have systemic problems The Globe used national data from the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC) on accepted fatality claims to get an estimate for deaths

Aug , A fibreboard, insulating, wall panel includes an integral air and vapor barrier of metal foil or metallized plastic film adhered to one surface of the panel Code of Canada, Section requires an air barrier, and Section requires a vapour barrier on the warm side of an insulated stud wall frame.

Oct , The SunPump is one of those why didn t anyone think of this ideas where the refrigerant is pumped into solar panels on the roof where the heat of the sun But SunPump has now done quite a few installations across Canada, has solid financial backing, a new name and a new website (with too much

Aug , A new mesh Wi Fi player is entering the market in Canada on August th at the price of for a three piece set Meanwhile, the Eero Beacon is half the Eero s size and plugs directly into a wall outlet The devices connect through Eero s TrueMesh software, which monitors the connections between

Sep , The Google Pixel was up there with the best phones of , and it s still one of the finest out there today This seems like an odd thing to say, because Google s first proper attempt at a phone is missing a lot of features we take for granted now It looks kind of dull, has limited storage options, isn t waterproof

Jul , Masiero s Venetian style chandelier is waterproof Forget flimsy Christmas lights, solar stakes and Canadians are embracing the bright newcomers We ve seen a big increase of They are particularly eye catching embedded into a living wall to amplify the plant life The best application would be to use

Oct , Bell sign on wall Bell Canada has announced it will establish a National Service Centre in Fredericton that will create up to full time jobs over the next five years ` Bell s National Service Centre in Fredericton will strengthen our ITC sector which will, in turn, strengthen the New Brunswick economy..

Jul , A combination drainage and waterproofing system for subterranean walls includes panels which have drain passages on the side thereof adjacent the It has long been a practice in the building industry to attempt to waterproof the outer surface of walls and horizontal structures, such as the upper level of

Mar , Berlin s Museum for Architectural D ing springs forth from a row of hundred year old apartment buildings at the entrance of Industrial monument Pfefferberg to protect against dirt and graffiti The waterproof concrete walls were cast in situ and are cm thick, including a layer of foam glass insulation.

Nov , Qu├ębec has about , MW of wind power today, but Canada s wind industry is calling for , megawatts more by Turbine manufacturers are upping their synthetic inertia technology to pave the way Synthetic inertia is the latest step in a longstanding technology trend, according to Aubut, that has

Warm, waterproof bark as bathroom! Come on, how warm and welcoming is this If you want to bathe whilst pretending you re in a treehouse, or even that you ve been invited to reside with Bilbo Baggins, then you ll see the appeal Bark House poplar bark wall covering Bark adds depth and character to interior walls.

Feb , In the construction and building industries, the use of extruded frames adapted to receive panel boards or the like to form partitions or enclosures has become a major building technique Such construction has been used in a variety of forms, particularly for interior walls or dividers Such frame supported

Oct , Samsung Canada says, Eligible Note users will be offered an opportunity to register for a Samsung Canada Prepaid Mastercard when upgrading to the all new Samsung Galaxy Note