timber cladding wall panel reports

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jun , Bright chartreuse frames accentuate the windows and doors of this spruce clad house built on a hillside overlooking Oslo.

Oct , River Beech Tower is said to be a part of a masterplan along the Chicago River.

Jan , Staircases climb around its walls, leading to elevated vantage points on black balconies that project out of the timber cladding Val Jalbert Belvedere by Atelier Pierre Thibault Behind the timber enclosure, glass panels in the outer walls of the plant give views of the equipment within Val Jalbert Belvedere

Nov , Architecture collective Cityf?rster have completed a wooden house in the Netherlands with a black rubber skin The RUBBERHOUSE is an experimental single family house built in energy efficient and sustainable cross laminated timber construction, clad in a black EPDM Walls Lenotec FinnForrest.